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Bigg Boss 17, Day 39 Written Update, 22nd Nov: Sana Raees Khan fights with Vicky Jain over sharing bed with Ankita Lokhande

Sana Raees Khan and Vicky Jain were seen hand-in-hand just a few hours before the incident

Bigg Boss 17, Day 39 Written Update, 22nd Nov: Sana Raees Khan fights with Vicky Jain over sharing bed with Ankita Lokhande
Bigg Boss 17 - Ankita Lokhande, Vicky Jain

Last Updated: 11.44 PM, Nov 22, 2023


Weird is the name for what happens in the Bigg Boss 17 house. In the most recent episode, Sana Raees Khan actually fought with Vicky Jain, who wanted to share the bed with his wife Ankita Lokhande. This happened just hours after Vicky and Sana shared fun moments, hand-in-hand. Meanwhile, Munawar Faruqui became the target for most, sometimes on the face and sometimes, behind his back. Jigna Vora and Arun Mahashetty got the closure they were looking for in their matter and Tehelka aka Sunny Arya went flirting with a shirtless Abhishek Kumar in the house. Relive all of it in detail here…

Mannara-KhanZaadi friends again?

Mannara and KhanZaadi were seen bonding recently. This makes Rinku feel that they are now friends but Munawar says that is not the case. Mannara clears the same with Abhishek soon.

Sana-Vicky’s bonding

Vicky was seen bonding with Sana while she was on the bed with Ankita. Later, as they talk, Sana and Vicky were seen holding hands during the conversation.

Arun-Munawar on Samarth

Samarth storms off at Munawar, thus irking him. After Munawar’s explanation, Samarth approaches Arun, which confuses him further. Vicky comes to talk about the matter too. Samarth clarifies the same with Rinku too.

Tehelka-Arun plan to target Munawar

Tehelka tells Arun that they have to target Munawar now. He also plans how can they do that – which is by irritating the comedian.

Rinku calls KhanZaadi drag queen

Rinku was seen in the argument with Arun. Soon, KhanZaadi interferes and Rinku asks her to stay away because she is a drag queen. This makes KhanZaadi say that she is not that. KhanZaadi says her name was taken, which is why she interfered. It is revealed that was not the case.

Jigna vs Tehelka-Arun

Jigna is upset that she washed Arun’s underwear but he nominated her. After a conversation with Tehelka, Arun approaches Jigna on the matter. He cries after explaining his side of the story.


Vicky says that he was Ankita’s husband before the show and now has an identity of his own. Ankita feels she was misunderstood but learnt communication in the house. Bigg Boss’ version of before and after is the hygiene issues in the house right now. Most of the scattered items belong to Ankita, Sana, Anurag and KhanZaadi.

Munawar takes charge, irks KhanZaadi and Mannara

Munawar asks cleanliness inspector Sana to tell KhanZaadi to clear her space. Isha tells KhanZaadi about it, thus irking KhanZaadi. Munawar was then seen asking Mannara also to organize her space, which irked her too. Mannara whispered that Munawar should look at other people’s spaces and on hearing that, he charged on her too.

Inspection in the house

During the inspection, many lose their stuff. Tehelka takes back, rather steals, what was his. So do Arun and KhanZaadi. Noticing that, Bigg Boss punishes them. Kitchen time is reduced to four and a half hours and will only be open once. All the fruits are gone too. KhanZaadi is picked upon instantly for stealing two oranges. Tehelka apologizes for his actions and is forgiven just as instantly.

Mannara on Munawar with Anurag

Mannara is seen discussing about Munawar with Anurag. The latter says that you look like an idiot when you mature a lot. Mannara wishes to not talk about Sana at all. Anurag says Munawar will do Bigg Boss for a year even after going home. Sana then accuses Anurag of sharing wrong information. This leads to her trying to irk Anurag.

Abhishek mocked

Tehelka plays with Abhishek, who is working out shirtless. While working out, he makes noises, which grabs their attention. It makes for a fun moment.

Sana vs Vicky for bed with Ankita

Sana refuses to leave her double bed. This leads to an argument between her and Vicky. Eventually, Ankita leaves after giving Vicky a hug and thanks Sana. Ankita then snuggles with Vicky on his single bed, before leaving. All of dimaag ghar then goes against Sana.

Mannara-Rinku’s gossip

Mannara and Rinku sit and gossip about KhanZaadi. They pretend to be her and make for an entertaining watch.

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