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Bigg Boss 17, Day 43 Written Update, 26th Nov: Orry enters and leaves Salman Khan’s show

MunAra fans also had a lot of Munawar Faruqui-Mannara Chopra moments to look forward to in the Bigg Boss 17 house

Bigg Boss 17, Day 43 Written Update, 26th Nov: Orry enters and leaves Salman Khan’s show

Last Updated: 11.38 PM, Nov 26, 2023


It was Orry day on Bigg Boss 17. The mysterious A-list celebrity entered the house and left it just as immediately. He was introduced as a wild card contestant but just as Arbaaz Khan and Sohail Khan entered the show, they asked him to bid adieu to the show. Orry happily did. On the other hand, the drama barely died. Ankita and Vicky’s relationship was put to test once again, and Mannara and Munawar shared their special moments. Know everything that happened inside the house…

Ankita-Vicky’s mothers

Ankita and Vicky’s mothers came to explain to them where the two went wrong. Bigg Boss also tested them on the same. At night, they end up arguing and try to sort out their matters again.

Orry in the house

Orry has finally entered the house. He becomes an instant attraction and Munawar feels he will be found in the medical room soon. His entertaining side attracts everyone.

KhanZaadi regrets her actions

KhanZaadi now regrets her actions during the Weekend Ka Vaar episode. She discusses the same with Mannara and Munawar. The latter says that now nobody will want to work with her after seeing her behaviour.


Tehelka takes care of Orry’s toy. This makes Arun wonder what he’s up to. The slippers come up again but they co-parent the fictional baby anyway, thus making it a peak delulu moment.

MunAra moment

Mannara feels that she will get distanced from Munawar again. She believes that there will be divide and rule with her people. Mannara then talks to Anurag and says that she’s done with the show. He tries to talk sense into her but she barely feels okay. Mannara is affected with Vicky giving her tags.

Housewarming party

There are housewarming parties in the house, in order to welcome Orry to the show. Samarth and Abhishek go all out to impress him, making Orry blush. Orry picks their house as the winner.

Anurag feels partiality again

Anurag once again complains with Arun and Tehelka that there is partiality since Vicky and Ankita got a video call. Arun discusses the same with Vicky too, who calls it a part of the show.

Mannara on Vicky-Ankita

Mannara says Vicky and Ankita are the reason for divide-and-rule. She is called to the confession room and Bigg Boss demands her to bring Munawar too. MunAra have a moment thanks to Bigg Boss. They share a hug and dance before going back in the house.


Sohail and Arbaaz welcome Orry and bid him adieu as well. He meets the housemates and leaves too. Soon, chaos ensues as Mannara points to Isha about Ankita being unorganized and Vicky discusses strategy with Arun and Tehelka.

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