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Bigg Boss 17, Day 49 Written Update, 2nd Dec: Tehelka out of Salman Khan’s show, Abhishek Kumar-Arun Mahashetty inconsolable

Karan Johar called out Ankita Lokhande, Vicky Jain and Sana Raees Khan too

Bigg Boss 17, Day 49 Written Update, 2nd Dec: Tehelka out of Salman Khan’s show, Abhishek Kumar-Arun Mahashetty inconsolable
Abhishek Kumar-Karan Johar

Last Updated: 11.40 PM, Dec 02, 2023


Tehelka aka Sunny Arya got out of Salman Khan-hosted Bigg Boss 17. This week, the show was hosted by Karan Johar, who made the tough call. On his eviction, Abhishek Kumar and Arun Mahashetty became inconsolable. We haven’t even gotten to the tougher part yet. There could be more evictions. Were there though? Find out about the evictions and what Karan had to say to Ankita Lokhande, Vicky Jain, Sana Raees Khan, Abhishek Kumar and Tehelka…

Ankita on MunAra

Ankita feels like she could come in between Munawar and Mannara. Thus, she does not come in between them. Karan Johar asks her to calm down.

KJo to Vicky

KJo asks Vicky to say that he should proudly own if he wants to play the number game. He compares him to Bigg Boss 16’s mandali.

Shows Sana the mirror

KJo also happens to show Sana the mirror. He talks about how Sana looks like a hypocrite. The host reminds Vicky about what he said during Orry’s party. His statement towards Sana makes Arun break into tears.

Arun vs Abhishek

Arun and Abhishek continue fighting as Abhishek demands an apology and Arun refuses to give him that. Instead, Arun calls Abhishek bandar. The latter removes his mic, goes shirtless and screams at Bigg Boss. Samarth tries to give him the mic and Arun mocks Abhishek. Arun apologizes to the viewers but not Arun. Isha tries to calm Abhishek while Munawar asks him to keep patience. Abhishek loses his calm and starts screaming, leaving everyone confused.

The incident

Arun has an argument with Isha, as she refuses to wake up despite kukudakoo. Abhishek comes in between them. Abhishek then apologizes to KhanZaadi. Tehelka goes to warn Abhishek about getting in Arun’s matter. Furious, Tehelka gropes Abhishek, pulling his t-shirt. Abhishek approaches Tehelka, who continues giving Abhishek a warning. Arun also picks Abhishek’s t-shirt in retaliation. Tehelka then pushes Abhishek, who calls him out. Munawar and Isha ask Bigg Boss to take action too.

KJo furious at Abhishek and Tehelka

Abhishek doing self-harm is pointed out. Karan then talks to Tehelka about his behaviour and Sunny calls it his mistake. Tehelka had as many as 10 rule breaks, all of which are pointed out. He is now out of the house because of his behaviour. On hearing so, Arun becomes inconsolable. Abhishek appeals to Bigg Boss to get Tehelka back in the house. Mannara does the same and Arun pushes Tehelka back in the room. Abhishek and Arun apologize as the door opens for Tehelka. Vicky, Anurag and Munawar are left in tears too.

New task

KhanZaadi picks Isha, and Neil and Mannara pick Ankita in the new task. Soon, there’s a message from Ekta Kapoor. She asks Vicky to be better to Ankita and Munawar to not be boring. Ekta praises Neil and Aishwarya’s game and wants Anurag to come to centre stage.


KJo gives a scare that Vicky and Rinku are in bottom two. However, there are no evictions. Tehelka was already out of the house for the day, this week.

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