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Bigg Boss 17, Day 71 Written Update, 24th Dec: Abdu Rozik-Raveena Tandon bring a breath of fresh air, Aishwarya Sharma evicted

Isha Malviya evicted Aishwarya Sharma from Salman Khan-hosted Bigg Boss 17

Bigg Boss 17, Day 71 Written Update, 24th Dec: Abdu Rozik-Raveena Tandon bring a breath of fresh air, Aishwarya Sharma evicted
Raveena Tandon-Salman Khan-Abdu Rozik

Last Updated: 12.26 AM, Dec 25, 2023


Aishwarya Sharma is evicted from the Bigg Boss 17 house. This happens as Raveena Tandon and Abdu Rozik turn guests on Salman Khan’s show. Thus, it was a bittersweet Christmas celebration on the sets. Know everything that happened on day 71 of the show…


After Munawar incident, Salman Khan jokes about evictions. He is also in the Christmas mood. Salman names Aishwarya and then says Bigg Boss will decide the evictions.

Who is the party pooper?

Abhishek, Vicky, Ankita, Munawar name Arun. Mannara picks Anurag. Eventually, Arun wins the task and a hamper.

Anurag vs Mannara

Anurag picks a fight with Mannara, who ignores him. Soon after, Isha talks to Mannara about Munawar's wrong image now.

Raveena on the show

Raveena enters the show on Salman's song Kabhi Tu. Abdu Rozik joins in as the secret Santa.

Raveena-Salman's request

Samarth dances to Raveena's Tip Tip Barsa. Aishwarya turns Ankita, Mannara is Aishwarya and Vicky is Mannara. Vicky says Abhishek will go after Isha if Samarth gets out.

Abdu in the house

Abdu comes packaged as Santa Claus in the Bigg Boss 17 house. He has a surprise for every contestant. The little one also has a task. Ankita says Abhishek fights with her. Mannara feels Aishwarya dresses very bad. Isha gives truth potion to Munawar, so that he starts speaking the truth. Vicky doesn’t want to see Arun’s face. Samarth wants to rub salt on Abhishek’s wounds. Abdu then learns Samarth’s special moves. Arun feels Vicky uses people like tissue paper. Anurag feels Mannara needs to be brighter in the game. Abhishek feels Samarth has no vision in the game. Aoora feels Abhishek only talks and doesn’t listen to people. Ayesha feels nobody wants to be Munawar’s friend.

Eviction task

Bigg Boss gives the captain, Isha, an important task, which is the eviction task. She names Anurag as the person who broke most rules and then takes a moment to reconsider. Isha then says that she feels Aishwarya should be out since she is last on her list. Bigg Boss feels Isha is wrong but does not overshadow her decision. Thus, Aishwarya is out, leaving Neil heartbroken and Ankita crying. Abhishek talks to Isha and Samarth comes in between, leading to an argument between the two.

Housemates get to analyze Isha’s decision

Bigg Boss lets housemates decide if Isha’s decision was correct. Seeing Ankita and Anurag’s punishments as compared to Aishwarya’s, Neil is left hurt. He calls Isha’s decision worst in history. The two end up fighting, with Abhishek coming to Isha’s support again. Rinku comes to Aishwarya’s support too. While most housemates oppose Isha’s decision, Anurag gives her a big hug.

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