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Bigg Boss 17, Day 77 Written Update, 30th Dec: Salman Khan bashes ‘weak-minded’ Ayesha Khan, she gets out on grounds of medical emergency

Salman Khan called Ayesha Khan out and then explained why he had to do that on Bigg Boss 17

Bigg Boss 17, Day 77 Written Update, 30th Dec: Salman Khan bashes ‘weak-minded’ Ayesha Khan, she gets out on grounds of medical emergency
Munawar Faruqui and Ayesha Khan. (Courtesy: Colors PR)

Last Updated: 11.56 PM, Dec 30, 2023


Salman Khan bashed Ayesha Khan’s stint on Bigg Boss 17. He called her out and the events that followed included her crying inconsolably and fainting in the process. Owing to that, she had to be out of the show on grounds of medical emergency. Know everything else that happened in the episode…

Double eviction

Salman Khan announces that there will be double elimination today. Vicky Jain was then heard saying that Neil Bhatt is definitely leaving Bigg Boss 17 and Rinku Dhawan could also be out.

Vicky vs Ankita

Ankita Lokhande loses her calm on Vicky in front of everyone. He then approaches her later and asks her how can they discuss the same in a better way, since they have to stay together for life. This led to them fighting further.

Sohail-Arbaaz in the house

Salman introduces just married Arbaaz to the contestants. They make Mannara Chopra and Samarth Jurel mimic Ayesha Khan.

New task

Mannara makes sure that Abhishek will not be eligible for captaincy for the next week. He also becomes a ghulam for Isha and Ankita.

Salman lashes out at Rinku, Abhishek

Salman tells Rinku that she behaves like a mother to Abhishek Kumar. Samarth had said the same and Salman said that it how he is seen in the outside world.

The host then says lashes out at Abhishek also. He reminded Abhishek about how he has poked people throughout and thus, he had no right to get in Isha-Samarth’s fight.

The clip

Abhishek is seen plotting about getting Munawar and Mannara outside the house. He does so with Anurag on the bed. Abhishek defends himself saying he wants Mannara and Munawar to be friends again. Salman then asks why Mannara is not the captain and accuses him of manipulating the situation.

Salman on Ayesha

The host asks Ayesha what is her intention for coming to the show. He then accuses her of wanting attention and apology on National Television rather than a personal apology from Munawar. He explained to Munawar how Ayesha did not come on the show for him but herself, and how she has been disrespecting him. During the discussion, Munawar almost breaks down. After the discussion, Ayesha gets furious on Mannara.

Ayesha breaks down, refuses to talk to Munawar

Ayesha opens up to Ankita, who brings Munawar for clarity. Ayesha tells Munawar she doesn’t want to see his face and asks him to leave but he stays anyway, only to eventually leave. While Munawar clears things with Ankita, Ayesha cries uncontrollably in a corner and apologizes to her mother. She walks out to where Mannara and Anurag were and faints. Seeing her, the housemates get concerned and Salman also goes to the emergency room. He then meets the housemates after knowing Ayesha’s BP is low. She gets sent home owing to medical emergency. The housemates console Munawar in the meantime.

Mannara breaks down, Munawar talks to Vicky

Mannara is unable to understand the situation and breaks down thinking how she was treated owing to Munawar-Ayesha’s equation. Meanwhile, Munawar discusses his situation with Vicky, despite their recent differences.

Anurag approaches Munawar

Anurag tells Mannara that Munawar is laughing. He then confronts Munawar on the same and the comedian explains that laughing in the face of difficulty is his personality. With that, Salman ends the episode and promises a lot of entertainment on Ravivaar Ka Vaar.

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