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Bigg Boss 17, Day 87 Written Update, 9th Jan: Isha Malviya-Ankita Lokhande safe from evictions this week

All of Bigg Boss 17 contestants except Ankita Lokhande and Isha Malviya were nominated for evictions this week

Bigg Boss 17, Day 87 Written Update, 9th Jan: Isha Malviya-Ankita Lokhande safe from evictions this week
Ankita Lokhande. (Courtesy: Colors TV)

Last Updated: 11.41 PM, Jan 12, 2024


It was time for nominations in the Bigg Boss 17 house. The whole house was nominated for evictions except Ankita Lokhande and Isha Malviya. As always, the nominations caused drama in the house. This time, it was because of a statement made by Mannara Chopra on Ayesha Khan. Isha Malviya was also left upset with Samarth Jurel for something he did in the past, which also unfolded during the task. Know everything that happened here…

Vicky vs Ankita again

Day 86 in the Bigg Boss 17 house commences with Ankita asking Vicky to go away from her life. She asks him to find someone else for himself. Munawar tries explaining to Vicky that something is bothering Ankita and thus, he should listen to her. Vicky refuses the same, saying that it is a partnership and so, they both need to work towards it. Ankita then comes to Vicky and they sort out the matter in the cutest way possible.

Nominations task

The buzzer task is here for the nominations task. Ankita has to judge the task. She nominates Vicky, and Arun, Abhishek and Ayesha agree with the decision. Arun, Samarth, Vicky and Isha nominate Abhishek. Abhishek nominates Isha. Ayesha, Arun, Vicky, Samarth, Isha and Mannara nominate Munawar. Isha, Samarth, Vicky, Munawar, Mannara and Arun nominate Ayesha. Isha, Vicky, Munawar, Abhishek and Ayesha nominate Arun. Munawar, Abhishek and Ayesha nominate Samarth. Isha, Ayesha and Vicky nominate Mannara. Thus, Vicky, Abhishek, Munawar, Ayesha, Arun, Samarth and Mannara are nominated for evictions this week.

Abhishek vs Isha again

Abhishek and Isha pick a fight with one another again. Ankita, Samarth and Vicky come to argue with Abhishek too. Samarth comes between Isha and Abhishek, and also tries to irk Abhishek during the argument with Vicky.

Mannara targetted

Isha and Vicky target Mannara since she did not nominate Abhishek. Isha felt that she was playing safe while Vicky feels she took the action for her convenience, talking about Samarth’s pain in the matter with Abhishek. On hearing so, Mannara loses her calm and almost breaks down. Arun came to argue with Vicky on seeing her condition while Samarth took her away to talk in person. Ankita and Mannara also have an argument soon after.

Munawar and Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss calls Munawar in the confession room to talk about the matter with Abhishek, Mannara and Ankita. Bigg Boss ends up calling Munawar an audience in the matter.

Isha upset with Samarth

Munawar had revealed that Samarth revealed a personal matter about Isha. The latter is now upset with Samarth and screams at him, for him to come and try to solve the matter with her. Meanwhile, Ankita fights with Munawar as well about Mannara’s language for Ayesha. During the nominations, Mannara had spoken about how Ayesha turns and asks people how does she look. Abhishek and Munawar had argued with her back then itself and it led to a huge discussion in the house soon after.

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