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Bigg Boss 17, Day 9 Written Update, 24th Oct: KhanZaadi, Soniya Bansal, Aishwarya Sharma-Neil Bhatt, Sana Raees Khan and Tehelka nominated for evictions

Munawar Faruqui announced the nominations on Bigg Boss 17 in a unique way

Bigg Boss 17, Day 9 Written Update, 24th Oct: KhanZaadi, Soniya Bansal, Aishwarya Sharma-Neil Bhatt, Sana Raees Khan and Tehelka nominated for evictions
Neil Bhatt loses his cool at Vicky Jain on Bigg Boss 17. (Image source: Instagram/Colors TV)

Last Updated: 11.48 PM, Oct 24, 2023


The most dreaded day of the week is here. It is the day of nominations. Bigg Boss brought an interesting twist as he announced who would be nominated on Bigg Boss 17 this week. Munawar Faruqui was at the centre of the task and he announced who would be nominated for evictions. The names include KhanZaadi, Soniya Bansal, Aishwarya Sharma-Neil Bhatt, Sana Raees Khan and Tehelka. This has irked a few contestants and caused more fights in the house. Know everything that happened on day nine of Bigg Boss 17…

Abhishek loses his calm on Isha

Vicky Jain wishes Isha Malviya and Abhishek Kumar good morning. He talks to Isha and on seeing her face, Abhishek screams and asks her not to come near him. The task of housemates not talking to him is on and this happens.

Ankita discusses Mannara with Munawar

Munawar says that he maintains a boundary with Mannara because he doesn’t even want to get close to the boundary. Ankita then consoles him saying that they both know that they wouldn’t cross the line but Munawar ends the topic.

Soniya tries to bond with Abhishek

Soniya talks about Ankita getting irritated with Vicky. She also discusses with Abhishek Dobiyal how Mannara wants to get close to Munawar to understand him.

Abhishek feels lonely, cries

Abhishek was seen crying in his bed. He covered his face so that the cameras don’t see him. Isha then comes to talk to him and he asks her to go and talk to Munawar. Abhishek’s body language shows aggression and holds Isha’s hand strongly. He then comes to make a public scene and raises his voice in front of her. He then asks Bigg Boss to get him out of the house.

Arun points out Abhishek could get aggressive with others too

Arun Srikant says that if Abhishek can behave in the way with Isha, he could behave the same way with people close to him too. Meanwhile, Abhishek’s punishment finally ends and Isha is called out for not obeying Bigg Boss.

New house for contestants

The house members are now shuffled. Jigna and Munawar get a Gujarati proverb before the shuffle. Abhishek enters the dil house with Isha, Ankita-Vicky and Aishwarya-Neil. Isha is not happy with the decision. After Bigg Boss teases Vicky since he got his ‘pet project’ in front of his eyes, Vicky actually goes and gives Abhishek an advice on how to deal with the situation.

Mannara switches to the dimaag ghar with Munawar Faruqui and KhanZaadi. The other contestants include Jigna, Rinku and Navid. Some time into it, Navid cries again.

This leaves Anurag, Arun, Tehelka, Sana and Soniya in the dum house. Bigg Boss teases Anurag throughout the announcement.

Dimaag ghar members get the archive room

Dimaag ghar members have an exclusive access to the archive room, which gives them access to observe what the other contestants are doing.

Secret task

The members of the dum group get to pick who they want to nominate. They pick Munawar, Abhishek, Navid, Rinku, Isha, KhanZaadi and Neil-Aishwarya.

This happened for the dil ghar too. Vicky saves Abhishek and Isha. Ankita saves Neil and Isha. Aishwarya gets nominated with Neil. Vicky picks Munawar, Navid, Rinku and KhanZaadi for nominations too.

The dimaag ghar members can replace three nominations from the dil house’s picks. Munawar says Navid and Rinku should be save. Mannara picks Munawar and Rinku. Rinku picks Navid and Munawar. KhanZaadi also picks Rinku and Navid. The members want to nominate Tehelka, Soniya, Sana and Vicky. They then decide on Soniya, Tehelka and Sana.

Mehfil to announce nominations

Munawar gives a performance to announce the nominations. KhanZaadi, Soniya, Aishwarya-Neil, Sana and Tehelka are nominated. They get medals on behalf of Bigg Boss.

Soniya upset with Munawar

After the nominations, Munawar tries to joke with Soniya. However, she is still upset and asks Munawar to keep his shayari to himself. The two have a full-fledged fight later at night, as Rinku tries to assign tasks. The fight then goes between Soniya-KhanZaadi. The former says that she will do her duties only when KhanZaadi apologizes to her.

Tehelka vs Aishwarya-Neil

Tehelka called out Aishwarya and she tried to ask him what happened. This irked him more. On seeing the fight, Neil comes to Aishwarya’s defence.

Vicky plots with Soniya and group

Vicky is later seen plotting with Soniya in person. Seeing that, Ankita sent a glare. He then spoke to Anurag too but in the presence of two other people.

Soniya on her own

Soniya did not receive an apology and created scenes. She was then seen united with her group, especially Arun. The lawyer then said that she would do as she pleases inside the house.

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