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Bigg Boss 17, Day 91 Written Update, 13th Jan: Isha Malviya’s father takes Samarth Jurel’s class, Abhishek Kumar’s mother approaches Isha

Isha Malviya's father, Samarth Jurel's father and Abhishek Kumar's mother came to Bigg Boss 17 house

Bigg Boss 17, Day 91 Written Update, 13th Jan: Isha Malviya’s father takes Samarth Jurel’s class, Abhishek Kumar’s mother approaches Isha
Isha Malviya's father-Samarth Jurel

Last Updated: 12.05 AM, Jan 14, 2024


It was a day of complexity in the Bigg Boss 17 house. Isha Malviya, Samarth Jurel and Abhishek Kumar’s parents came into the house. Isha’s father took Samarth’s case, while Abhishek’s mother cleared out her differences with Isha. Samarth’s father also entered the house. Know everything that happened on day 91…

Abhishek’s fight continues

Abhishek Kumar continues to argue with Vicky Jain and Isha Malviya. Mannara Chopra explains to her sister Mitali how Isha wants to fight once a day and then everyone provokes Abhishek. As Munawar Faruqui defends Isha to Abhishek, Samarth Jurel comes and irks Abhishek further.

Vicky, Abhishek, Samarth

Vicky tells Ankita Lokhande that if Abhishek is reacting to an abuse through lip-sync, then he’s just having ego. Ayesha Khan approaches Abhishek, who is still upset and expresses it to Munawar. The latter goes and approaches Samarth and Isha and then claims that Samarth is right.

Munawar’s sister vs Ayesha’s brother

Munawar’s sister supports him while Ayesha’s brother spills some details to his sister. He talks about Munawar’s conversation with Ankita.

Vicky-Ankita on Mannara

Ankita once again tells Vicky that she’s not comfortable with him interacting with Mannara. This makes Vicky believe that she does not give him the freedom in his friendships. Some time in, Munawar, Ayesha and Ankita decorate Vicky, who is in a freeze state. Mannara is Arun Mahashetty’s target.

Mysterious entry

This time, a car makes an entry. It is Isha’s father Ashish and that happens as she is stuck in the same bedsheet with Samarth. Seeing her father, Isha breaks down and they share a hug. He thanks Ankita for taking care of Isha. Abhishek has an awkward greeting with Isha’s father and leaves soon after. Every contestant praises Isha for being matured for her age. Samarth goes to Munawar and tells him he’s scared. Munawar tries to pacify him. Ayesha feels Isha’s father is upset with Samarth and discusses the same with Abhishek.

Isha’s father then talks to her about Samarth. She tells everyone that her class was taken.

Samarth’s father in the house

Samarth’s father Mukesh is in the house. He praises Samarth and is loved by all immediately. He then tries to guide Samarth on how to play the game.

Abhishek’s mother in the house

Abhishek’s mother Sandhya comes into the house and he instantly turns into a little baby who cries uncontrollably. As everybody goes to meet her, there’s an awkward moment between Isha and Samarth’s fathers. Abhishek’s mother asks him to control with Vicky and Ankita. She asks him to stay away from Isha altogether.

Samarth-Isha’s father in therapy room

Samarth and Isha’s father are in the therapy room. He asks Samarth to play his own game rather than getting himself involved in Isha’s fights. After saying so, there’s an awkward silence between the two.

Isha-Abhishek’s mother in therapy room

Abhishek’s mother requests Isha to not bring the outside topic in the house. Isha also apologizes if she hurt either or both the parents. She then reveals about a video that Abhishek had showed her. Abhishek’s mother expresses hurt caused by Isha. Isha’s father agrees with what Abhishek’s mother said – avoiding the past. Isha then discusses the same with Samarth. Later, Ankita explains to Isha why she should listen to her father and they share a cute moment as Ankita kisses Isha’s hand.

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