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Bigg Boss 17: Did Abhishek Kumar SLAP Isha Malviya at the stroke of midnight of the New Year? Here’s what we know

Today’s episode of Bigg Boss saw Isha Malviya recalling an incident when Abhishek Kumar had slapped her!

Bigg Boss 17: Did Abhishek Kumar SLAP Isha Malviya at the stroke of midnight of the New Year? Here’s what we know
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Last Updated: 11.33 PM, Jan 03, 2024


The ongoing season of Bigg Boss is definitely entertaining. Besides the entertainment factor, the show has also become home to many controversies and many revelations (in that order). Today’s episode was one episode which will surely be one of the most talked about. And there is more than one reason for the same. The total focus of today’s episode was all about Abhishek Kumar and his talks of mental health issues that he had spoken about.

No sooner did Abhishek Kumar bring about the topic of his mental health (of him being claustrophobic), there was a huge uproar in the house, esp among Isha Malviya and Samarth Jurel. Seeing Abhishek Kumar getting too close to Isha, Samarth barged in and started irritating (read ‘poking’) Abhishek endlessly. Unable to take the poking any longer, Abhishek Kumar lands up slapping Samarth.

Needless to say that the slapping incident socks the entire Bigg Boss 17 house. That’s when Isha Malviya reveals a few details from her past, when she was in a relationship with Abhishek Kumar. While recalling the said incident, Isha told Vicky Jain that this incident had happened during the shooting of their TV show Udaariyan. Isha said that it was just before the clock struck twelve at midnight when the entire team of the show were eagerly awaiting to welcome the New Year. Just a few minutes before the New Year, there were a few members from the team who came to wish Isha by shaking hands.

Seeing this, Abhishek Kumar became extremely possessive about Isha and was not at all liking people around her wishing her Happy New Year. And while the clock was about to strike twelve, Abhishek Kumar reportedly slapped Isha. The same was dittoed by Samarth Jurel, who was also present there during their conversation. As a matter of fact, Samarth Jurel was also the co-star of the TV show Udaariyan, which had Isha Malviya and Abhishek Kumar.

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