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Bigg Boss 17: Did Ayesha Khan attempt suicide on Salman Khan’s show? Here are some hints which prove she didn’t just faint

Ayesha Khan was out of Bigg Boss 17 after Salman Khan scolded her during the Weekend Ka Vaar episode

Bigg Boss 17: Did Ayesha Khan attempt suicide on Salman Khan’s show? Here are some hints which prove she didn’t just faint
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Last Updated: 09.05 PM, Dec 31, 2023


Ayesha Khan is now evicted from Bigg Boss 17. According to the clip shown by the makers, she fainted and had to be admitted to the emergency medical room. However, there were clear hints that she did not just faint but there was much more going on. Many assume that she attempted suicide in the house. While we cannot claim or confirm that, there sure are hints that Ayesha did not just faint.

Munawar’s reaction

Ayesha kept crying and asking why did Munawar propose to her if he wanted to go back to his ex-girlfriend Nazila Sitaishi. While Munawar claimed that he was confused, Salman Khan’s comment helped Munawar see things clearly. Salman asked Ayesha her purpose of coming on the show and shared that a real girlfriend would have waited for her guy to get out of the show to clear things out. Then, when Salman asked if Munawar has any intentions of going back to his ex-girlfriend, he said yes. This left Ayesha heartbroken.

When Ayesha came out crying uncontrollably, she fell on the floor. To people’s surprise, Munawar also tried to stop her from doing something. He has often stayed by her side, through it all and probably thought this could be a possibility and so, he tried to stop her from harming herself.

The housemates’ reaction

On seeing her, Vicky Jain screamed, “Paagal ho kya?” Everybody was shocked and ran in panic to either help her or open the door to the emergency medical room. Mannara Chopra was seen knocking on the door for them to open it immediately. Samarth Jurel said he felt uneasy seeing what he saw. Munawar, Ankita Lokhande and Mannara started crying after the incident. Anurag Dobhal was in shock when he noticed Munawar laughing right after the incident. The comedian said that is his coping mechanism and that UK07 rider has no idea what he’s talking about because Munawar saw his mother that way. Further, Munawar was seen washing blood from his hands.

Salman Khan’s reaction

The incident took place right after Salman Khan scolded Ayesha. The host hinted that the step was extreme and his moves towards that were also of concern. It was owing to this extreme action that Salman was forced to come into the house and in the medical room to grasp the situation. The doctors said that Ayesha had low blood pressure. While greeting the housemates, Salman said, “Ab yeh bhi dikh jaayega bahaar.” He further called Ayesha ‘weak-minded’ which wouldn’t make sense if she fainted, especially because she has fainted in the house even before.

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