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Bigg Boss 17 – Did Mannara Chopra’s sister call Ankita Lokhande insecure in Mannara-Vicky Jain’s equation?

Mannara Chopra's sister also spoke on Munawar Faruqui

Bigg Boss 17 – Did Mannara Chopra’s sister call Ankita Lokhande insecure in Mannara-Vicky Jain’s equation?
Ankita Lokhande feels insecured about Vicky Jain because of Mannara Chopra

Last Updated: 12.02 AM, Jan 21, 2024


Mannara Chopra’s sister Mitali was a part of Bigg Boss 17 Weekend Ka Vaar with Salman Khan. She spoke on Mannara’s equation with Vicky Jain in the house. At the same time, Mitali also seems to have addressed the issue Ankita Lokhande has with Mannara.

What Mitali said

The Khabri has reported that Mitali did talk about Ankita during the Weekend Ka Vaar episode. The footage was not out when the episode aired. It is being reported that while talking about Ankita, Mitali called her insecure. She pointed out how Mannara called Vicky her brother but Ankita ‘keeps showing her insecurity.’ The part that aired was Mitali claiming that Mannara had no ill intentions with either Munawar Faruqui or Vicky Jain and it is her nature to be friendly to everyone.

Ankita apologizes to Vicky, reveals about her behaviour

Ankita apologized to Vicky in the same episode. She cried as she revealed that she’s just scared of losing people closest to her and seeing him with Mannara reminds her of a past incident, which is why her insecurities come to the brim. She apologized to Vicky and said that it is her own fault. She told Vicky that she still loves him, while giving him a hug and breaking down in his arms.

Ankita vs Mannara

Ankita does not like Vicky talking to Mannara for various reasons. Vicky has not stopped talking to her and that has now become a big topic in the house. Munawar also happened to make it a part of his stand-up act recently. During his act, Munawar said that Ankita does not like it when Vicky talks to Mannara because Ankita should be the ‘only doll he plays with.’ This was in reference to Mannara’s real name, Barbie Handa. The incident happened after Vicky and Ankita got into constant arguments, which Vicky was clear, is related to Mannara.

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