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Bigg Boss 17 evictions: Jigna Vora out of Salman Khan’s show

Salman Khan announced Jigna Vora's eviction during Bigg Boss 17 Weekend Ka Vaar episode

Bigg Boss 17 evictions: Jigna Vora out of Salman Khan’s show
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Last Updated: 11.44 PM, Nov 25, 2023


Jigna Vora has been evicted from Bigg Boss 17. The renowned journalist was out after being nominated twice in two weeks. She failed to understand why would people want to evict her and had a long discussion the same in the house. The decision was sudden and random. Thus, it made Jigna break down as she made her exit from the house.

Jigna Vora out

During Bigg Boss 17 Weekend Ka Vaar episode, Salman Khan asked who all are nominated. Unlike the other times, he did not play any games and directly named Jigna Vora as evicted. On hearing so, she kept a brave face but the minute he went off TV, Jigna broke down. She realized she was making the exit.

Munawar Faruqui heartbroken

Munawar was, as one could see over the weeks, the closest to Jigna in the house. They found an instant connection thanks to their Gujarati roots and profound respect for one another. While Jigna made a tearful exit, Munawar tried to control his tears and eventually, let them out.

Jigna upset with Arun Mahashetty

Jigna was extremely upset with Arun Mahashetty, since she believed that he was responsible for her being nominated for evictions. Jigna and Arun had a deep conversation about why she was affected by his involvement. Arun felt vulnerable and broke down. Jigna pointed out that she wore Arun’s innerwear in the house and was extremely upset to learn that he nominated her instead of a KhanZaadi. When Arun learned that she was bringing that matter up, he confronted her. Arun has actually never washed his own clothes, including his innerwear. He did not ask Jigna to wash them but she offered help. On learning how vulnerable he was that he had to ask others for help in something that for other people is a basic household task, Arun broke down. This led to Jigna and Arun getting the closure they needed on the show.

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