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Bigg Boss 17 evictions: Samarth Jurel out of Salman Khan’s show

It is Isha Malviya vs Abhishek Kumar again since Samarth Jurel's eviction

Bigg Boss 17 evictions: Samarth Jurel out of Salman Khan’s show
Samarth Jurel in Bigg Boss 17

Last Updated: 10.51 PM, Jan 15, 2024


Samarth Jurel is evicted from the Bigg Boss 17 house. Apart from Isha Malviya and Ankita Lokhande, the entire house was nominated for evictions this week. While on one hand, Isha broke down with Samarth’s eviction, on the other, Munawar couldn’t be happier, especially after seeing how she and Samarth behaved in his sensitive matter. Munawar even brought up the topic of them poking Abhishek Kumar and his views on the same.

Samarth evicted

Bigg Boss was the one to break the news of Samarth’s eviction. He recalled how the whole house except captain Ankita Lokhande and the one saved by majority, Isha Malviya, were safe from nominations. Without further ado, he announced that Samarth was the one evicted from the house this week.


Hearing the same, Isha was left shocked. Vicky Jain was the first to greet him – with a back hug. As reality set in, Isha wept and broke into a big hug with Samarth. He then went ahead and greeted Mannara Chopra, who was also left confused and shattered at the decision. Soon after, Ankita told him that they will definitely miss Samarth. Vicky called him the biggest entertainer he has met and Isha absolutely refuses to let go of her boyfriend. Everybody else greets Samarth with a smile, for he also left the house smiling. As he made an exit, Mannara told him that she’s proud to have a friend like him.

Isha vs Munawar-Abhishek

Once Samarth was out, Abhishek congratulated Vicky and Munawar for being safe for the week. Isha broke down in Ankita’s arms this time and Ayesha-Mannara consoled her too. Munawar went on to poke fun at Abhishek, who claimed he felt bad that Samarth left, even if he was competition. Munawar called Abhishek ‘jhootha aadmi’ for his statement.

During her time with Ankita, Isha cried and told the current captain of the house that Samarth would have immunity if he were captain and thus, he wouldn’t have left. Munawar, on the other hand, discussed the poking scene with others in the house. He took Abhishek’s side and deciphered the level at which Samarth would have been disliked after the incident that he, one of the most entertaining people in the house, did not get votes. While Munawar discussed it with everyone, Abhishek spoke on the matter with Munawar on a personal level. This time, Isha called Abhishek ‘itna ganda’ for the matter. It is to be noted that Munawar was already upset with Isha for what happened not too long ago. She had called him a ‘use-and-throw’ type of a person, deciphering his relationship with Ayesha. Munawar confessed to Abhishek that Samarth’s eviction turned him into a happy person and Abhishek suggested Munawar to not say a word.

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