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Bigg Boss 17: Isha Malviya-Abhishek Kumar pick a fight over Aishwarya Sharma, he tells her ‘zabardasti lad mat’

Abhishek Kumar and Aishwarya Sharma had a big fight in the Bigg Boss 17 house last night

Bigg Boss 17: Isha Malviya-Abhishek Kumar pick a fight over Aishwarya Sharma, he tells her ‘zabardasti lad mat’
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Last Updated: 05.32 PM, Nov 07, 2023


Isha Malviya and Abhishek Kumar picked a fight on Salman Khan’s show, Bigg Boss 17. The ex-couple were seen raising their voices at one another. Abhishek was, however, left confused as to why is Isha fighting with him. He believed that she did so for footage. However, Isha justified the reason behind her fight.

What was the fight about?

Aishwarya Sharma had given Abhishek Kumar the packet of milk. The packet was opened and used. This led to an argument, especially since Aishwarya felt that Abhishek used it for his protein shake. Abhishek refuses that he opened the milk packet. Isha was fighting with Abhishek on behalf of Aishwarya.

Abhishek left confused

Abhishek asked Isha if she will continue fighting with him and she answered in an affirmative. Thus, he also asked her to continue with her behaviour. Abhishek was furious that Isha was supporting Aishwarya, who he just had a fight with. “Yeh mat kar Isha. Zabardasti ladai mat kar,” he told her. He then spoke to Aishwarya indirectly and said that if she has a problem with the dahi then she can keep it where she wants it to be. Abhishek cleared that he opened the milk packet so that Neil can have his tea and he did not use it for himself since last night. Abhishek left the argument saying he gave Isha the footage since she wanted to fight forcefully. He then had a tense moment with Aishwarya again after Neil approached him. “Subah subah pata nahi kahan se aa jaate hai yeh,” he said. Aishwarya then dragged Munawar into the argument and gave him her point of view.

Isha fighting

Isha got into an argument after hearing Abhishek’s tone. She questioned everything he said. After a point, she asked him to leave by stating that she isn’t going to fight him. However, that did not end their tiff. Abhishek reminded Isha about how she used his grocery item, which led her to pass a comment that she did not steal his property by using a little from his ration. While Aishwarya continued talking to Munawar, Isha was seen discussing the matter with another housemate.

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