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Bigg Boss 17- Isha Malviya bullies Abhishek Kumar again by calling him ‘mental’, his mother gives her a ‘therapy’!

After seeing Isha Malviya bullying her son Abhishek Kumar, his mother decides to give some therapy to the former!

Bigg Boss 17- Isha Malviya bullies Abhishek Kumar again by calling him ‘mental’, his mother gives her a ‘therapy’!
Abhishek Kumar in Bigg Boss 17

Last Updated: 03.50 PM, Jan 13, 2024


Bigg Boss 17 is nearing its grand finale. In a few days from now, the show will have its ultimate winner. Even though the personality-based reality show is almost in its last lap, still, there are some people in the house, who simply refuse to let the bygones be bygones. Topping this are the by-now-ex couple Isha Malviya and Abhishek Kumar, who had gotten into a bitter fight even yesterday, despite the presence of the family members of the contestants.

Speaking of their fight, even though Arun Mashetty insisted that it was Isha Malviya who had instigated the fight, still, many felt that it was Abhishek Kumar who started this. Yesterday was just the tip of the iceberg as far as bullying Abhishek Kumar was concerned. No wonder then, when his mother Sandhya had entered the house, Abhishek Kumar just could not stop his tears.

The very moment entered the Bigg Boss 17 house, the first thing that she did was to give a tight hug to her son Abhishek Kumar, who just could not stop crying. It was rather surprising and shocking as well to see Isha Malviya apologising to Abhishek Kumar’s mother for having hurt their sentiments, knowingly or unknowingly.

Given a chance to speak to Isha alone, Abhishek Kumar’s mother raised a question about when did his (Abhishek Kumar) father slap him or had broken the television set. Hearing that, as an impromptu reply, Isha said that Abhishek had told her about it. To which, Abhishek Kumar’s mother denies any such incident having taken place in their house!

Not the one to stop at that, Abhishek Kumar’s mother, very categorically tells Isha Malviya that, it will be appreciated if she does not bring any of the conversations that had taken outside, inside the Bigg Boss 17 house.

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