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Bigg Boss 17: Jigna Vora hints Ankita Lokhande’s pregnancy could be a strategic move

Jigna Vora is the most recently evicted contestant from the Bigg Boss 17 house

Bigg Boss 17: Jigna Vora hints Ankita Lokhande’s pregnancy could be a strategic move
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Last Updated: 07.37 PM, Nov 26, 2023


Jigna Vora has spoken about the most debated topic revolving around Bigg Boss 17 – is Ankita Lokhande pregnant? Jigna, who was recently evicted from the house, claims that the pregnancy could be a strategic move from Ankita’s side. Interestingly, Jigna was among those who had told Ankita that she could be pregnant inside the house. She had even offered to take care of her if that was the case.

Jigna calls Ankita’s pregnancy a strategy

Jigna said that Ankita’s claiming to be pregnant could be her strategy. “Her reports were negative,” Jigna revealed, adding that Ankita personally told her that the reports have come back negative. “This is probably her strategy. If she was actually pregnant, she would be out of the house by now,” the journalist said.

Ankita’s pregnancy scare

Ankita had revealed that she has cravings. This got Rinku Dhawan and Jigna Vora curious whether she is pregnant. Ankita said that is not possible because she has not been intimate with her husband Vicky Jain since entering the house. Rinku however had said that she could be pregnant from outside and it hasn’t shown in her reports yet. This got Ankita confused and made her take a pregnancy test. Scared and confused, Ankita confronted Vicky about the same. This led to major arguments between the two and her crying to him.

The status now?

There was no confirmation or denial whether Ankita is actually pregnant or not. Like Jigna said though, she and the makers wouldn’t have taken the risk if there was a baby involved. Thus, it looks like Ankita is indeed not pregnant. The fights between her and her husband have also reduced considerably since the incident, except the most recent one where she threw a chappal at him. However, that too, was all in good humour.

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