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Bigg Boss 17: KhanZaadi YELLS at Salman Khan to get out of his show, insists she has medical condition and then says she’s fine

KhanZaadi locked herself up in the washroom and cried during Bigg Boss 17 Weekend Ka Vaar episode

Bigg Boss 17: KhanZaadi YELLS at Salman Khan to get out of his show, insists she has medical condition and then says she’s fine

Last Updated: 12.02 AM, Nov 26, 2023


KhanZaadi did it again! During Bigg Boss 17 Weekend Ka Vaar episode with Salman Khan, she could not keep her emotions in check and thus, ended up yelling at the host himself. KhanZaadi created a situation in which she diverted most attention to herself. This even led to Salman being absolutely irritated with her behaviour. KhanZaadi now demands to exit the show.

Where it all began

During a task, KhanZaadi was picked time-and-again. Salman was actually giving all the contestants on the show a reality check and when it came to KhanZaadi too, he did not hold back. KhanZaadi kept claiming that she has a medical condition since a long time but refuses to take medicines for the same. Salman asked her to stop claiming she has a medical condition when she is declared fine. KhanZaadi refused to accept his claim and started crying, screaming and rebelling. She demanded an exit from the show.

What KhanZaadi did

All hell broke loose and KhanZaadi said she wants to get out of the house. She headed towards the exit door and whined to the makers to open it. Realizing that it wouldn’t open, she headed to the washroom. Salman kept asking what is her medical condition, to which Ankita Lokhande revealed that KhanZaadi was on wheelchair for a considerable period of time and that has affected her. Salman then clarified again that all her reports – physical and mental – were fine when she entered the house. KhanZaadi also did not submit documents claiming that she has a medical condition, to be treated accordingly. While Salman tried to be reasonable, KhanZaadi ran to the washroom, locked herself up and when Ankita approached her, she handed her mic also to the actress. Despite Ankita persisting, KhanZaadi was in no mood to listen or talk. All of this happened while Sunny Leone was a guest on the show and Jigna Vora was evicted. KhanZaadi showed up for neither of them.

What KhanZaadi has to say about the reports

When Ankita and Anurag Dobhal tried to ask KhanZaadi if she submitted the reports, she kept crying and paused for a minute. She recalled living with her ex during the time. Ankita thought that the reports are at her ex’s house but KhanZaadi refuted the claims. After a little pause, she said that the reports are lost and thus, she has no proof of what she claims happened.

Doctor meets KhanZaadi

KhanZaadi insisted that the makers connect her with her staff or family members. They instead arranged for a doctor to see her. When the doctor asked KhanZaadi what is the problem, she said that she is fine and wants to go home because she is emotionally and mentally traumatized by the housemates. The doctor went on to check if KhanZaadi’s reports are indeed normal or not. There’s no clarity on what happened post that but from the looks of it, everything is normal.

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