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Bigg Boss 17- Korean pop singer Aoora gets evicted; he leaves the home saying ‘JAI HIND’!

Today’s episode of Salman Khan hosted ‘Weekend Kaa Vaar’ saw the eviction of the Korean pop singer Aoora

Bigg Boss 17- Korean pop singer Aoora gets evicted; he leaves the home saying ‘JAI HIND’!
Aoora in Bigg Boss 17

Last Updated: 10.47 PM, Jan 07, 2024


Today’s episode of Bigg Boss carried mixed emotions. The reason for this is because, this episode was definitely one of the most awaited ones of recent times. The reason why it was memorable was because it saw Salman Khan and his unabashed way of hosting the show. The episode also saw Abhishek Kumar’s return to the show after being evicted. Well, on the other hand, there was also sadness on the show. and this was because the Korean singer Aoora became the latest contestant to be evicted from the show.

The eviction’s announcement was made by the show’s host Salman Khan. No sooner did Aoora get to know that he was evicted from the show, there was a visible envelope of sadness that was seen on the faces of the contestants. The most striking aspect about Aoora is that, just as when he was about to leave the Bigg boss house, he had a smile on his face. He went on to say ‘Jai Hind’, which was appreciated by Salman Khan himself.

While leaving the house, Aoora felt really bad as he was moving away from not just the house, but also with his fellow contestants. But, the person whom Aoora will be missing very much is Arun Mashetty, which was extremely visible on the faces of both the contestants. Aoora, on the other hand, had an extremely memorable journey in Bigg Boss 17.

What is extremely likeable about Aoora is that, despite not knowing the language, he made his place in everyone’s hearts. This is exactly what Salman Khan had mentioned while he was announcing the exit of Aoora from the Bigg Boss 17 house. All in all, Aoora will surely be remembered for his never-say-never attitude and his involvement with every contestant in the house. Hopefully, we will soon get to hear some superhit tracks from Aoora.

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