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Bigg Boss 17: Munawar Faruqui reveals he has studied only till 5th standard, know KhanZaadi’s educational qualification

Rinku Dhawan, who is also a part of Bigg Boss 17, spoke to Munawar Faruqui and KhanZaadi on their educational qualification

Bigg Boss 17: Munawar Faruqui reveals he has studied only till 5th standard, know KhanZaadi’s educational qualification
Bigg Boss 17 - Munawar Faruqui

Last Updated: 08.19 PM, Oct 31, 2023


Munawar Faruqui and KhanZaadi have revealed their educational qualification during an interaction on Bigg Boss 17. Munawar spilled that he has studied only till class 5. KhanZaadi, who thought she was the least educated in the house, was utterly shocked on hearing so. She asked him the question again. TV actress Rinku Dhawan was also a part of the conversation.

Munawar on his education

While doing her makeup, KhanZaadi casually asked Munawar what is his education. He said, “Uhh, 5th,” leaving Rinku and KhanZaadi both shocked. Rinku asked Munawar why he couldn’t complete his education. She assumed that he ran away from his house. However, Munawar smiled and said that it was the situation at his home that forced him to drop out of school and take up work. KhanZaadi, on the other hand, refused to accept that Munawar did not study after 5th standard.

KhanZaadi’s education

KhanZaadi revealed that she has studied till 10th and hasn’t even completed her 10th standard education. Rinku, on the other hand, is a graduate. KhanZaadi shared that she ran away from school. Rinku added that KhanZaadi ran away while she was in the 9th standard. She then ran away in 10th standard as well and eventually left school. Firoza revealed that her parents did not allow her to go to school since she ran away from it so often.


The real reason behind Munawar’s lesser education?

The stand-up comedian had revealed an incident on Lock Upp. He had shared how his mother died by suicide when he was extremely young. The incident took place in 2007. Munawar had emotions such as pain and agony with her mother while she was alive and he realized later that his father used to beat her up and she had to take loan from people so that he could enjoy his life. When she died in 2007 after consuming acid, Munawar’s mother had already not eaten food for over a week. Munawar saw his mother screaming with stomach ache in the hospital. He held his mother’s hand but doctors asked him to leave it because she was no more. It was after his mother’s demise that Munawar had to take up the responsibility of himself and the family. Thus, he could not afford completing school.

Munawar broke down on Bigg Boss 17 recently, when Anurag Dobhal started crying since he started missing his mother. Munawar, who is recently reunited with his son, felt the pain and shared it with Babu Bhaiya through a warm hug. Munawar called Anurag lucky that he has a mother to go back to.

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