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Bigg Boss 17- Orry revealed name of the contestant who had a DARK cloud on the head every day!

During a recent media interaction, Orry went onto reveal the name of the contestant who he found to be negative but interesting

Bigg Boss 17- Orry revealed name of the contestant who had a DARK cloud on the head every day!
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Last Updated: 12.04 AM, Nov 28, 2023


So, the much talked about entry of the mysterious Orry inside the Bigg Boss 17 house finally took place. And, when it was decided that, Orry will be a part of Bigg Boss 17 house, many felt that, at least now, during his stint in the Bigg Boss house, he will be revealing the answer to the most searched and thought-provoking question of what exactly does he do for a living and how on earth does he have access to almost all the A listed celebrities, both in India as well as the international level.

Just as when things began to settle for Orry inside the Bigg Boss house, there came a task wherein the contestants were told to host a house warming in honour of the house’s latest member. And the task assigned to Orry was that he had to go and visit each and every housewarming ceremony which had been hosted and then, declared the ultimate winner based on the way they had hosted him. After doing a thorough scan of all the participating contestants, Orry declared that he loved the way Samarth jurel and his team had hosted the house warming party and thus, he declared them the winner.

And, just as when everyone thought that, Orry will now reveal more about his life and lifestyle, now that he was inside the Bigg Boss house, there came Arbaaz Khan and Sohail Khan who popped the bubble stating that Orry was not a wild card entry at all and that he will be coming out that after spending one and a half day. And when Orry stepped out of the house, he had a media interaction wherein he was asked about his short but memorable stay inside the Bigg Boss house. When Orry was asked to name the person from whom he got positive and negative vibes, he said he could not single anyone out.

At the same time, he also mentioned that he could feel a lot of negativities in Khanzaadi and also a dark cloud on her head every day. He also added that it did not mean that she was less than anyone else and that he thoroughly enjoyed her company.

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