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Bigg Boss 17- Salman Khan very politely GRILLS the mysterious Orry on the show

The much-awaited entry of the most mysterious Orry finally took place today!

Bigg Boss 17-  Salman Khan very politely GRILLS the mysterious Orry on the show
Orry with Salman Khan

Last Updated: 11.59 PM, Nov 25, 2023


The much-awaited entry of entertainment arena’s most mysterious celebrity Orry has finally taken place today. This was the moment for which almost half of the country was waiting with bated breath! The very moment Orry entered the show, he started with the explanation for the term ‘I am a liver’ to the show’s host Salman Khan!

Seeing Orry and his Orry-isms, Salman Khan just could not control himself from asking him about the total number of suitcases that he had got along with him! Upon Salman Khan’s insistence, Orry opened one of the many bags and gave a gist of the many baggage that he is carrying along with him. Orry started showing off his T-shirts, of which, one was the trademark ‘I am a liver’. This is followed by YOLO (You Only Love Orry). Orry also reveals that all his T-shirts have been dedicated to him and his name.

This is followed by Orry showing off his multiple phone covers. Wait! There’s more! Orry goes on to reveal that, he carries as many as three phones – one for the morning, one for the afternoon and the last one is his night phone! The best comes now! When Salman Khan tells Orry to pose with him for a selfie, Orry tries to pose with Salman Khan in his trademark pose of holding the shoulders! To which, Salman Khan, sweetly but sternly warns him by reminding him about the pose that he should have when he is clicking a selfie with him!

As for the show, besides Orry, the show also had Sunny Leone and Abhishek Singh who had come to promote their latest video ‘Third Party’. The most striking thing about Abhishek Singh besides his towering personality was the fact that he happens to be an IAS officer, who is now on the verge of quitting his job to pursue a career in entertainment!

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