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Bigg Boss 17: Social Currency-famed Sakshi Chopra to enter Salman Khan’s show?

She could be on the show with her mama, Meenakshi Sagar

Bigg Boss 17: Social Currency-famed Sakshi Chopra to enter Salman Khan’s show?
Sakshi Chopra

Last Updated: 02.29 PM, Oct 04, 2023


One personality to gained the maximum attention on the Netflix show Social Currency was Sakshi Chopra. The actress, who is Ramayana filmmaker Ramanand Sagar’s granddaughter, is now expected to be a part of Salman Khan’s upcoming show, Bigg Boss 17. Various reports suggest that she will be on the show with her mother, Meenakshi Sagar.

Who is Sakshi Chopra?

Sakshi is a social media influencer who resonates with the voice of gen z. She is a singer-songwriter but it is her hot photos that often catch the attention of the netizens. When she appeared on Social Currency too, Sakshi caught the attention of boys because of her svelte figure. Soon after, Sakshi accused Netflix of making her perform tasks which humiliated her. She claimed she was harassed on the show to do those tasks. Sakshi had also revealed on the show that she has dysmorphia, which does not make her think like others on the show.

Who is Meenakshi Sagar?

Meenakshi Sagar, like her father, is a producer. She is a single mother to Sakshi and thus, they are inseparable. Back on Social Currency too, Sakshi had unabashedly broken the rules and contacted her mother to guide her throughout the show. Meenakshi, of course, helped her daughter deal with the situations in the house. Sakshi had reportedly signed the show to be able to talk to her mother everyday.

Sakshi and Meenakshi together on Salman’s show?

Since it is widely known that Sakshi cannot go without talking to her mama even a single day, thus it looks like Bigg Boss makers have approached the mother and daughter for season 17. If they do happen to come on the show, they might be a part of the duo vs single concept, on the duo side, of course. It was previously reported that the theme could be singles vs couples but the makers might have had to modify it since many did not agree to participate on the show owing to theme. Whether Sakshi and Meenakshi join the show now, remains to be seen. On the other hand, it looks like Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain have almost been finalized to come on board. Now, we await the official announcement from the makers.

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