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Bigg Boss 17- Udaariyan actor Abhishek Kumar CONFESSES that he was not interested in Isha Malviya but…

In today’s episode of Bigg Boss 17, one saw the audience cheering up for Abhishek Kumar’s journey!

Bigg Boss 17- Udaariyan actor Abhishek Kumar CONFESSES that he was not interested in Isha Malviya but…
Abhishek Kumar journey in Bigg Boss 17

Last Updated: 11.20 PM, Jan 24, 2024


Since the Bigg Boss 17 show is now coming to an end, the show’s makers today decided to dedicate the entire episode to the contestants and their journey. The entire journey started off with Abhishek Kumar coming out of the house and interacting with the live audiences, while everyone was cheering for him!

Bigg Boss praises Abhishek Kumar

In a true rockstar style, Abhishek Kumar stepped out to meet his fans and followers. Bigg Boss then praised Abhishek for standing up for his words of walking the entire journey like a true-blue person! This was then followed by Abhishek’s journey from being a villain to a hero… in the words of Bigg Boss himself!

The journey’s video then mirrors his entry, the moments he spent with Isha Malviya, right from his lovey dovey talks with her to his endless fights with everyone ‘for’ her, Samarth Jurel’s entry in the Bigg Boss house, his non-stop fights with Samarth, him giving his ‘heart’ to Isha, his introduction with Khanzaadi, his lovely moments that he spent with her and other moments. There were also moments when Abhishek Kumar tried his level best to hold his tears.

Abhishek Kumar promises the live audience that he won't cry!

The best part is that, while seeing all the moments in the house, Abhishek Kumar kept on smiling throughout and was also a bit shy watching a few moments. Turning up to the audience, he said that he will not cry. And guess what! He simply lived upto it... because, he said that, his was a hero’s journey and not that of a loser! He also spoke about a shayari that he had written about his entire journey. He wrapped it up saying, ‘Main aisa hi hoon’.

On his part, Bigg Boss said that this season would surely be remembered for his participation on the show. During his exit, Abhishek Kumar took his shirt off and said ‘Main aisa hi hoon’. He, then, interacted with the other contestants saying that the people outside are so much in love with him. He then confessed that, while Bigg Boss showed images of Isha Malviya, he was just not interested. In the same breath, he said that Khanzaadi was looking very beautiful.

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