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Bigg Boss 17- Vicky Jain BREAKS DOWN listening to his mother’s words; Ankita Lokhande plants a kiss on his cheeks!

The upcoming episode of Bigg Boss 17 will see the otherwise strong Vicky Jain breaking down inconsolably after he hears his mother’s words

Bigg Boss 17- Vicky Jain BREAKS DOWN listening to his mother’s words; Ankita Lokhande plants a kiss on his cheeks!
PC: Screenshot from Colors' promo

Last Updated: 05.51 PM, Nov 25, 2023


The ongoing season of Bigg Boss 17 is not just one of the most watched shows, but also one of the most talked about shows of the recent times. Thanks to the various twists, turns and additions that the makers introduce every now and then on the show, it is definitely keeping the contestants on their toes, but, not without their thinking caps! This time round the show’s makers is all ready to surprise Vicky Jain and his wife Ankita Lokhande by bringing their respective mothers inside the house.

Vicky Jain breaks down!
In a latest video promo released by the show’s makers, it shows Vicky’s mother saying, “Love you, love you, love you” to her son and her daughter in law Ankita. Seeing his mother in front of him, an otherwise strong Vicky Jain breaks down uncontrollably. Seeing her son break down, Vicky’s mother tells him to stop crying and that they have never seen him cry.

Vicky Jain’s mother advices him
She says that, “Tu bahut achha ladka hai, tere aankhon mein aansu hum pehli baar dekh rahe hain. Nahi rona Vicky. Tu kitna samajhdaar hai, hum kya tere ko samjhaayengey. Poorey ghar ko tu sambhalta hai. Jo tune rishte bhigaad liye, bhale Ankita ki galti ho, taali toh bajj gayee naa. Bhool jaao usey. Jhadga bhi hua toh koi baat nahi”. (Vicky, you are such a nice boy. We are seeing tears in your eyes for the first time. Please do not cry Vicky. You are as it is smart; how can we make you understand! You have been managing the entire house. The relations that you had messed up, be it anyone’s fault, please forget all that. Even if there is a fight, let it be).

Will Vicky Jain listen to his mother’s advice?
Vicky’s mother added, “Miyaan biwi mein toh chalta rehta hai. Lekin ab sudhaarne ka waqt hai. Tum log milte hona beta, pyaar se milo, pyaar ki baatein karo. Humein maaloom tha, Ankita kitna hoshiyaar hai, poora handle kar legi, lekin yahaan toh vipreeth game ho gaya. Kaisa sehen hoyega?” (Its very common to see fights between husband and wife. But, it’s now time now to improve. Whenever you two meet, please meet with love and talk about love. We were sure that Ankita was smart and can handle the entire thing. But, it’s all topsy turvy now).

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