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Bigg Boss 7 Telugu: This popular actress to be eliminated in the Eight-week | Exclusive

So far in Bigg Boss 7 Telugu, only female contestants have been eliminated. The same is going to happen in the eighth week as well. Read to learn more. 

Bigg Boss 7 Telugu: This popular actress to be eliminated in the Eight-week | Exclusive


Last Updated: 06.20 PM, Oct 26, 2023


Bigg Boss Telugu has become one of the most talked-about shows in the last month or so, as only female celebrities have been eliminated from the reality show. So far, seven female housemates have been ousted, and we have come to know exclusively that one more female celeb is all set for elimination.

While this aspect makes the show interesting, it has become a concern for the makers, who feel the glamour dose of the show is going down. As per the latest update, Ashwini is the one who will be eliminated this week, as her votes are quite low. 

Ashwini Sree in Bigg Boss 7
Ashwini Sree in Bigg Boss 7

As many as eight celebrities have been eliminated this week, and out of them, musician Bholeshavli and Ashwini are the ones with the lowest votes. But since yesterday, Ashwini has been the one trailing by a huge margin and is the one to be shown the door this week.

Ashwini is a small-time actress in Telugu and has not been getting along well in the house since the time she entered the show. The female contestants have been avoiding her, and this has created new issues for Ashwini. 

By the way, the show is going; only those who create a ruckus on the show are on top, and the silent ones are being ousted. Just a few days ago, the host, Nagarjuna, openly appealed to the public to vote carefully and send a few men out. 

But that is not happening, and once again, a female celebrity will be ousted this week. Ashwini was the one who entered the show after three weeks, and her stay in the house is going to be only for three weeks.

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