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Bigg Boss OTT August 30 2021 written update: Shamita Shetty gets cozy in bed with Raqesh Bapat
Shaheen Irani
Aug 30, 2021
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Raqesh Bapat and Shamita Shetty on Bigg Boss OTT.

The 22nd day of Bigg Boss OTT begins with Pratik Sehajpal and Neha Bhasin talking about her worries. Pratik is sure she is worried because of him. She assures the actor that it isn't him that has got her so worked up.

Meanwhile, Akshara Singh and Millind Gaba talk about their score - 7 out of 10, which was Nishant Bhat and Muskaan Jattana's score. Raqesh Bapat tells Shamita Shetty that he is very stubborn. The actor claims he had violent fights with Nishant in the past. He names the choreographer as someone he trusts the least, followed by Pratik and Divya. He further tells Shamita he trusts her the most.

Divya starts dancing as the song Laila plays. Sunny Leone enters the house and greets the contestants. She introduces a task with coconuts and jokes they can break each other’s head, only to take her words back soon. Neha says nobody hates each other as much in the house, to which Pratik counter-argues and says he does. The task will test how strong the connections in Bigg Boss OTT are.

The task involves the connections bringing the coconut to their faces without touching it. The boys make weird poses as Tip Tip Barsa plays. Nishant and Moose are out first. Millind and Akshara lose after coming too close. Neha and Pratik continue even after Sunny announces the task is over. When Sunny asks Shamita about the task, she says that she and Raqesh were confused. Sunny teases them saying people get confused in love. Shamita is quick to correct her that it isn't love. Pratik feels he and Neha had a great chemistry. The ‘Jag Ghoomeya’ singer called it an 'intense' chemistry, adding that the grinding was 'on point'. Sunny called their chemistry great too. The duo received cosmetics as a gift.

Sunny announces the next task. As Pratik goes into the storeroom with Millind, he cribs that the show is becoming the next Splitsvilla. The housemates have to accept and block friendships in the new task. Divya goes first and accepts Moose, blocking Shamita. Pratik accepts Neha and then Nishant, while blocking Divya. Pratik and Divya have a major argument once again over the matter. Akshara says she is always grateful for how Pratik was with her, no matter if he broke her heart. Akshara goes next. She accepts Divya and blocks Raqesh. The latter is something that people didn't see coming. She is upset with him talking about the 'character defining' statement he made the previous day. Raqesh defends the statement saying he meant that honesty defines a person. He apologizes for making Akshara feel a certain way. Raqesh goes next. He accepts Millind and blocks Pratik, saying his singing is bad. On Sunny's request, Pratik then sings Janam Janam. Moving on, Raqesh blocks Akshara over the misunderstanding. Millind accepts Raqesh saying the actor is his elder brother and someone who is settled and sorted. Moose, who goes next in the task, accepts Pratik and blocks Neha. She says she has a soft corner for Pratik but doesn't like Neha as a person and would like her as an acquaintance only. Neha calls Moose double-faced and thus, she says that she agrees with staying an acquaintance. Pratik wants Moose and Neha to be friends but isn’t able to do much about it, which he clearly expresses as Moose walks back to her seat.

Shamita goes next and accepts Moose, while blocking Divya. She calls Moose free-spirited and says she would like to know her better. Shamita calls Divya shameless and says she doesn't exist for her in her world and house. Sunny asks Moose to choose between Shamita and Divya, since they both want to be her friends. She picks the latter.

Nishant accepts Pratik and blocks Neha, just like his connection Moose. Sunny jokes giving Pratik and Nishant a coconut to perform the previous task. The choreographer further states that Neha accused him of playing the friendship card which hurt him deeply and added that it isn't the first time when she has been hurtful. Millind goes next. After putting Neha in the block section, he accepts her and blocks Shamita instead. He justified stating that Neha was always his friend. The singer further says that he felt cornered by Shamita when she did not talk to Neha. The latter then confirms that Shamita did indeed tell her everything, as opposed to Millind's accusations. As Sunny tested Akshara and Millind, the Bhojpuri actress said surely Millind will give her more importance than Neha and the Punjabi singer agreed to that 100%. Neha broke down and gave Millind a hug. Sunny asked Neha to stay, in order to pick two people from the list. The singer, last in the order of the task, accepts Shamita and blocks Akshara. Neha says Akshara should think before speaking.

The next activity is 'Sinsvilla'. Sunny picks Akshara and Neha for the activity. The two, who were asked to change their clothes, fought even while going into the storeroom. Akshara defended herself saying she didn't say sorry because she didn't feel like it.

Akshara and Neha sit below a matka and the contestants have to pick one of them for 'paap ka matka'. The task was Bigg Boss’ way of wishing Happy Janmashtami. Raqesh picks Akshara, while Divya picks Neha. The singer makes sultry poses and takes a dig at Akshara by 'spreading her legs' after Divya pours the liquid on her.

Millind goes next. He picks Neha and calls it a 'welcome gift'. Moose picks Neha, while Pratik picks Akshara. He takes time to give a reason and then calls the Bhojpuri actress 'loud' and 'negative'.

Nishant picks Neha for using cards according to her convenience. Shamita picks Akshara. Raqesh helps her out, making the contestants go aww. Thus, Sunny declares that contestants feel Neha is more sinful. With that, the Bollywood actress leaves the house.

Nishant discusses the friendship card topic with Millind. Divya asks the choreographer for his friendship card and instead, he gives her a hi-fi. Nishant feels that Neha herself is using all the cards. The choreographer says he doesn't have a problem with Pratik and adds that 'didi' (Neha) will respond to the accusation soon. He is waiting to see Pratik's reaction to that.

Nishant then asks Shamita what she thinks about the show. The actress says that during her season, there was no filter. However, with this season, she feels the contestants don't care about anything. She feels the people here are more aggressive. Shamita calls coconut in between very 'awkward' and 'odd'. Nishant and Shamita then discuss how she isn't answerable to anyone outside, to which the latter says she won't 'jump inside anyone in front of her'. She says she would want to know Raqesh in the real world rather than on the show. The actress talks about wanting commitment and a real connection. She further states that she won't stay with a person in an arranged marriage. Moose, who had been listening to the conversation so far, then asks Shamita if they should bring Sima Taparia. Nishant feels Shamita has Cinderella vibes. The actress says she wants to fall in love.

Neha discusses Nishant's statement with Pratik. The singer says she doesn't want to play the game. The two get into a minor argument when she doubts Pratik and Nishant's friendship.

Meanwhile, Shamita and Raqesh lie in the same bed holding hands and talk about something happening in the task. Shamita lays beside him and looks him in the eye, when Raqesh says something really drastic happened and thus, he knows what he has to do in life. He refuses to divulge more and promises to tell her about it outside. The actor has realized the starting point of his new life. When Shamita asks if it's a positive change, he says it went from a very bad to a very positive stage and they agree it is good. The actress asks Raqesh if he wants to sleep with her but they have to keep a pillow in the middle. Shamita then justifies it saying she's doing it only because he's feeling low, to which Raqesh jokes that should happen everyday. The statement makes Shamita blush. A serious Raqesh then wishes himself a happy anniversary for realizing something major in life. The actor says he decided to wake up, as Shamita comes uncomfortably close. He holds her hair as she also gets a little emotional.

Divya asks Millind and Akshara to be good to Raqesh and Shamita so they can help the duo in the captaincy task. The Cartel actress asks them to use Raqesh’s statement. He had said that he would stand up for Millind. Divya advises the Punjabi singer to mend things between Akshara and Raqesh. Millind calls Raqesh 'off-the-script'. The Punjabi singer says he won't ruin things with Nishant by getting close to Raqesh and says that he would rather get close to the choreographer. He says that Nishant's loyalty lies with him after Pratik, to which Divya says it is good only if Nishant does stay loyal and pick him.

Akshara tells Divya that she would talk to Raqesh and Neha. The Bhojpuri actress says she had a tiff with Pratik over the fight with Divya. The latter asks Akshara to ignore Pratik, stating that even Nishant didn't talk about the Bebakee actor. Divya feels that Pratik craves attention and thus, asks Akshara to ignore him. The episode ends there.

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