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Bigg Boss Kannada fame Divya Uruduga on doing films with beau Aravind KP

Divya and Aravind will be seen together in Ardhambardha Premakathe that is releasing on December 1

Bigg Boss Kannada fame Divya Uruduga on doing films with beau Aravind KP
Divya has two releases on December 1

Last Updated: 01.30 PM, Nov 25, 2023


Divya Uruduga has not one but two films releasing this Friday – there’s the much-delayed Ranchi and her first onscreen collaboration with beau Aravind KP, Ardhambardha Premakathe. While she’s not entirely thrilled about this clash, she is happy that audiences will get to see both her films. “Both Ranchi and Ardhambardha Premakathe are good films in two very different genres. One is a thriller, based on a real incident that happened in the life of director Shashikanth Gatti, while Ardhambardha Premakathe is a romantic comedy,” she says.


Ranchi, which has been in the making for a while is based on an incident in which Shashikanth received a call from a Ranchi-based person claiming to be a speaking to him on behalf of the government about a documentary. However, when he then reached Ranchi, he realized that he’d been conned and then got the police involved in nabbing the culprits. Prabhu Mundkur plays the lead in the film, while Divya is his romantic interest, an assistant director,

About Ardhambardha Premakathe, though, Divya is not allowed to divulge much, but tells us that it was not initially meant to have her and Aravind on board. “The director had called me for a script narration, to which Aravind accompanied me. As we were listening, Aravind was quite intrigued and then the director asked if he’d consider playing the male lead, since we already have an established chemistry. And that’s how our pairing came to be,” she explains. Seeing Aravind and Divya, or Arviya, as they are known, together onscreen has been a long-time demand from fans and she knows that their pairing in this film is to capitalize on their popularity as well.

Divya and Aravind met and fell in love during BBK8
Divya and Aravind met and fell in love during BBK8

“This is only our first film together and there is still some novelty attached to it. We are not against working together, but we do want to ensure that seeing us together does not begin to get monotonous for audiences. Scripts that come to us will have to justify that the two of us absolutely need to be a part of it. Even then, the focus will be on ensuring that we do not do too many films together in quick succession and space it out with work with other co-stars,” she says.

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