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Bigg Boss Kannada OTT Season 1 contestant Arjun Ramesh’s real-life love triangle

The actor, who is also a budding politician, has two wives with who he co-exists peacefully

Bigg Boss Kannada OTT Season 1 contestant Arjun Ramesh’s real-life love triangle
Arjun is an actor and politician
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Last Updated: 04.18 PM, Aug 08, 2022


Contestants on the popular reality show Bigg Boss either have colourful personalities or personal lives, one of which, or both, make for interesting television. This time around, for Bigg Boss Kannada OTT Season 1, which is streaming exclusively on Voot Select, the showrunners have chosen 16 contestants, including actors, TV celebrities, and social media influencers.

One of the contestants of the show is Arjun Ramesh, an actor who has been popular for his role as Lord Shiva in Mahakaali, as well as for Naagini. Arjun, as it turns out is not only an actor, but a budding politician too. He is currently the councillor of the T Narsipura ward.

But what is also interesting about him is that he’s been quite the Romeo. By his own admission, Arjun has been quite the flirt and in innumerable relationships. But the turning point came when he began an extra-marital relationship with his now second wife Ravika. Speaking in the Bigg Boss house, Arjun had said that he now lives with both his wives, although he kept Ravika a secret for the first 5-6 years, until they had a child named Shivin.

Arjun Ramesh
Arjun Ramesh

“When Shivin was born, I broke the news of my relationship with Ravika to Milin (his first wife). Her reaction was that she wanted to see the baby,” he said. Arjun added that him being in the Bigg Boss house was more difficult for Ravika because her whole world revolves around him, while Milin also has the support of his family.

This is the first-ever OTT only season of Bigg Boss Kannada. The show kicked off on August 6 with 16 contestants, namely, Aryavardhan, Sonu Srinivas Gowda, Roopesh Shetty, Chythrra Hallikeri, Sanya Iyer, Rakesh Adiga, Spoorthy Gowda, Jayshree Aradhya, Lokesh Kumar, Akshara Kuki, Kiran Yogeshwar, Uday Surya, Arjun Ramesh, Jashwanth Bopanna, Nandu and Somanna Machimada. Bigg Boss OTT Season 1 is a 42-day season, and will have multiple winners who will then proceed to be a part of Bigg Boss Kannada Season 9, the regular 100-day reality show that will be telecast on Colors Kannada.