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Bigg Boss Malayalam 4: Nimisha becomes second evicted contestant on Mohanlal-hosted show

Janaki had been eliminated last week

  • Shilpa S

Last Updated: 01.22 AM, Apr 11, 2022

Bigg Boss Malayalam 4: Nimisha becomes second evicted contestant on Mohanlal-hosted show

On the latest episode of Bigg Boss Malayalam season 4, Mohanlal came back to interact with the contestants yet again. After Janaki’s elimination last week, another set of contestants found themselves unsafe.

But before moving onto the eviction process, Mohanlal’s conversation with the contestants revolves around the theme of ‘love’, and Blesslee’s infatuation with Dilsha took centre stage and he was even dubbed ‘Crushlee’. The contestants were engaged in a game as well where they were shown a board with different space themed elements and asked to pick the housemates they thought shared characteristics with the objects on the board. For instance Robin was likened to a ‘blackhole’ by Dhanya because of his cunningness. 

Blesslee, Robin,Nimisha,Jasmine and Daisy were judged ‘unsafe’ as per votes. They were asked to step away into a different room, and given a chance to talk about the things they wanted to say to the people in the house. Among the messages the five had included Blesslee’s offer of marriage to Dilsha and criticisms directed at Robin for his behaviour in the house to win the competition. 

After some heated moments following the messages, mostly to do with Robin, Mohanlal explained that a globe like structure in the room would reveal which of them would be able to return to the house or be ‘evicted’. If it shone green when they touched it, it meant that they were safe, if the light was red they would be ‘evicted’. 

Soon Nimisha and Jasmine became the only ones left, and the former became the second contestant to be evicted from the show this season. The two best friends shared a very tearful goodbye before Nimisha left.

But in an unexpected turn of events, Nimisha was led to the ‘secret room’ of the Bigg Boss house after her eviction, unbeknownst to the other contestants. On a screen, she was left watching her housemates, just like viewers. 

Bigg Boss Malayalam can be streamed on Disney+Hotstar. The show can be streamed 24/7.