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Bigg Boss Malayalam 5 April 9, 2023 Written Update: The housemates disappoint Mohanlal, who abruptly ends the show!

Akhil is asked to apologise for his past actions.

Bigg Boss Malayalam 5 April 9, 2023 Written Update: The housemates disappoint Mohanlal, who abruptly ends the show!

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Last Updated: 08.01 AM, Apr 10, 2023

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Mohanlal wishes audiences a very happy Easter and takes us into the house. Cerena is asked to tell the rest of the housemates about the significance of Easter. Angeline interrupts and tells her side as well. Rinosh busts out a freestyle rap as a tribute to Jesus. Mohanlal gifts the housemates with a cake for Easter, and the housemates decide to save it for later.

The host requests Lachu to dance for the audiences, and she happily obliges. As an Easter gift for Mohanlal, the housemates present a choreographed dance, and the host appreciates them for it. When the host takes a break, the housemates decide to cut the cake and make merry. After the break, the host jokes around that the housemates did not care enough to spare a single piece of cake for him.

Mohanlal announces that he has an ‘egg-citing’ task in store for the housemates. Maneesha is asked to read out the rules of the game, titled an Easter egg race. The housemates will be divided into four teams of four members each. Angeline is the supervisor and Rinosh is given the task of being commentator in the task, which is divided into two rounds. The teams are required to carry eggs in a spread cloth with a hole in the middle, and bring it across to the finish line without dropping it. Shiju and Sobha get into an argument, and Akhil also loses his cool. The team consisting of Lachu, Sobha, Nadira and Vishnu win the game.

Reneesha calls Akhil out for his uncouth words against Angeline, with the latter not even realising that she was the one who Akhil yelled at. Mohanlal criticises some of the housemates, including Akhil and Shiju, for the way they behaved for what was to be a fun game.

Shiju and Sobha make up and become emotional and say sorry to each other. The housemates discuss the chaos that went down in the task. The host says that he was disappointed with the way the task turned out to be, and that he will not be giving the housemates the gifts he had brought. A number of housemates also stood up and voiced their criticisms against Akhil’s behaviour, and requested apologies from him. Akhil said that he did not do anything untoward on purpose, he defended himself and apologised if his actions hurt anyone.

Mohanlal took a look back at Devu’s life of hardship, where she had opened up about being a single mother. The host then talked to Devu, Midhun, Sobha, Lachu, Sagar, and Reneesha. Akhil is asked to hand over the captaincy band to Sagar, and the latter asks that the former captain apologises first before putting on the band. Akhil puts the band down and walks away without apologising. The housemates criticise Akhil for not apologising. The director said that he had apologised to the housemates in general once, and refuses to give personal apologies to Junaiz and Sagar. This leads to an argument, where Akhil refuses to acknowledge that he had done anything wrong to Sagar and Junaiz. Other housemates say that they were witnesses to Akhil doing wrong to the duo. This leads to a huge argument between the housemates.

Akhil is called to the confession room. He reveals that his hypothyroidism makes him become overly emotional. He then says that he had apologised once, and never targetted Junaiz or Sagar. The latter is also called in to tell his side of the story.

Mohanlal said that he felt Akhil was showing disrespect when he put down the band, and the contestant apologises for his actions. Sagar also apologises to the host. Mohanlal expresses his disappointment, saying that he had come a long way to see the contestants, and the show had turned into something he did not expect. He abruptly ends the show and leaves, as the housemates apologise.