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Bigg Boss Malayalam 5 April 11, 2023 Written Update: Angeline loses her cool, screams

Bigg Boss asks that the weekly task be stopped.

Bigg Boss Malayalam 5 April 11, 2023 Written Update: Angeline loses her cool, screams

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Last Updated: 07.34 AM, Apr 12, 2023

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When asked about how she found the house, Hanan replies that she is happy and that she believes everyone else is happy as well. Bigg Boss addresses the issue of what happened to Sagar’s captaincy. The supreme announces that since Sagar’s captaincy was revoked, Reneesha, who had come in second place in the captaincy task, would be the new captain of the house instead.

Reneesha divides the housemates into different teams for chores. The housemates are met with a surprise when they go into the storeroom, with several bins filled with costumes and reference pictures. Reneesha reads out the weekly task, called Velliyankallu. Vishnu, Junaiz, Midhun, Akhil and Sagar are pirates; Reneesha, Maneesha, Gopika, Devu and Hanan are leaders of the seas; while the rest of the housemates have to play the role of merchants. The latter will be given big boats, while the pirates are given smaller boats and ropes with hooks on them. The sea leaders are given full authority over the house, and the pirates none, although they can enter any room as per their wish. The activity area is converted into a sea filled with treasures and gems, which the merchants have to collect. The sea leaders can bargain and buy gems from merchants. The merchants and pirates can use the facilities in the house only using gems.The person with the most gems will win.

Things got chaotic when the pirates were given the chance to steal the gems from the merchants. Shiju and Akhil get into a physical altercation until Bigg Boss asks them to stop. Angeline gets cornered by the pirates, and she refuses to give up her gems without a fight. She loses her temper, becoming emotional and then screaming after losing her gems. The other housemates’ efforts to calm her down is in vain, and she accuses the pirates of having twisted her fingers. She is called into the confession room.

Angeline airs her frustration to Bigg Boss between sobs. The doctor inspects Angeline. The pirates defend themselves. Soon an argument breaks out between the housemates over the issue. Bigg Boss then asks that the task be stopped.