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Bigg Boss Malayalam 5 April 13, 2023 Written Update: Hanan refuses to eat or drink, is taken to hospital

Sobha and Nadira are shortlisted for the captaincy task.

Bigg Boss Malayalam 5 April 13, 2023 Written Update: Hanan refuses to eat or drink, is taken to hospital

Last Updated: 09.33 AM, Apr 14, 2023


Anjuz has a conversation with Hanan, where the former enquires if Hanan slept well. Rinosh and Sruthi discuss the chaotic task that took place yesterday. Reneesha and Anjuz talk about the awkward moment where Anjuz had asked if they could get married if both of them were single. Reneesha says she wants to be friends with Anjuz, even after leaving the house.

Hanan tells Bigg Boss that Rinosh deserves to be winner, and she would try to help him lift the up in any way possible. She also adds that she knows that she is the most hated contestant in the whole house.

In the kitchen, Akhil accuses Gopika of being someone who is very tricky and manipulative, and not just for the game’s sake. She admits to it. Gopika is accused of asking her team members to attack Rinosh. She defends herself about what went down in the last task. She and Akhil fight over the same. Gopika breaks down and Cerena tries to comfort her. Gopika says that everyone is treating her differently now.

Hanan cries and Anjuz tries to comfort her. Hanan says she is willing to leave the house if Bigg Boss tells her to. Some of the other housemates try to comfort her as well. Hanan refuses to eat or drink anything.

Devu and Gopika also discuss what happened in the task. Angeline asks if Hanan feels like she is lonely. Hanan says that her own company is enough. Hanan is called into the confession room and when Bigg Boss asks her to go see the doctor, she says that she just wants to sleep.

Nadira and Sobha get the chance to compete for captaincy. The housemates are then asked to pick the contestant they think should be nominated for eviction. Rinosh wins hearts when he accepts his mistake and declares that the people who tried to grab coins lost the trust of the housemates. Hanan, Gopika and Vishnu are chosen for evictions.

Lachu and Junaiz have an argument when the latter becomes offended over Lachu’s tone when she tells him to do a chore.

Hanan is called into the medical room, and the housemates become worried. Reneesha asks if Junaiz and Sagar can change teams, since Lachu does not want them on hers. The duo refuse and ask Lachu to change teams instead. Lachu tells Reneesha that the duo try to get her down mentally.

Hanan is taken to the hospital, and therefore Vishnu and Gopika are asked to go to the jail instead.

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