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Bigg Boss Malayalam 5 April 22, 2023 Written Update: The housemates celebrate Eid with biryani

The housemates choose the nominees for next week’s eviction.

Bigg Boss Malayalam 5 April 22, 2023 Written Update: The housemates celebrate Eid with biryani

Last Updated: 09.53 AM, Apr 22, 2023


Akhil started to pull Sobha’s leg by making fun of her with Vishnu and Shiju. Sobha kids that if Akhil continues to joke, she will beat him up. 

The contestants gather in the living room and Bigg Boss says that the housemates should nominate the ones who they think should be evicted next week. Sagar and Akhil are automatically nominated due to the turn of events that happened last week. Omar and Sobha are also saved from being named for nomination. Omar cannot participate in the nomination process either. 

Vishnu chooses Devu and Maneesha, Rinosh chooses Devu and Cerena, Sruthi Lakshmi chooses Devu and Maneesha, Midhun chooses Lachu and Devu, Akhil chooses Lachu and Junaiz, Devu chooses Anjuz and Junaiz, Maneesha chooses Rinosh and Lachu, Shiju chooses Cerena and Junaiz, Sagar chooses Midhun and Devu, Reneesha chooses Nadira and Lachu, Junaiz chooses Devu and Lachu, Cerena chooses Nadira and Shiju, Nadira chooses Vishnu and Anjuz, Lachu chooses Reneesha Cerena, Anjuz chooses Junaiz and Nadira, Sobha chooses Cerena and Shiju. In the end, Lachu, Maneesha, Cerena, Junaiz, Anujz, Shiju, Nadira and Devu.

Akhil tells Sobha that he feels like in many ways, Sobha is like a young girl, and jokes around with her about her lack of strength. The latter replies that she is mentally strong and tells Akhil about the time he had teared up thinking of his children. Sobha then becomes angry when she feels like Akhil is trying to make light of her struggles.

Bigg Boss gives the nominees an opportunity to argue for themselves and make a case for why they should be in the show. 

On the occasion of Eid, the housemates are treated to biryani made by their family members, who had also sent them video messages. Maneesha sings a song. Mohanlal also sends a video message wishing them a happy Eid. 

The next task is the manikyakallu task, where in a huge stone is kept in the activity room. The housemates are required to steal the stone without anyone finding out, and the others are keep guard. Junaiz slips the stone under his shirt, but everyone sees. 

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