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Bigg Boss Malayalam 5 April 24, 2023 Written Update: Lachu exits the house because…

Maneesha and Sagar have an argument.

Bigg Boss Malayalam 5 April 24, 2023 Written Update: Lachu exits the house because…

  • Shilpa S

Last Updated: 03.59 AM, Apr 25, 2023


Nadira and Sobha discuss how Akhil and the winning group must be celebrating the fact that they are in jail. Cerena and Sagar discuss how the latter still views Maneesha as a mother figure rather than a normal contestant. Sobha gets emotional thinking about her family.

In the kitchen, Akhil, Shiju, Maneesha and the rest of the housemates discuss Lachu and how emotional she can be at times. Maneesha becomes annoyed when Junaiz makes a joke about about her stay in the house. Akhil had called Maneesha a derogatory word, and Sagar talked to Maneesha about it. Maneesha tried to defend Akhil. Junaiz tells Maneesha that she is letting Akhil off easy.

She later announces that no one should call her that word henceforth. Akhil says that he did not say it, and Shiju and Akhil try to defend it. Maneesha and Shiju have a fight over it.

Sobha calls Devu a chameleon for nominating the former for jail. Sagar apologises to Maneesha for what he said, and Maneesha criticises him for putting his nose in her business. Nadira and Sobha’s jail time ends.

Sobha and Omar have an argument. Sobha’s captaincy is questioned by the housemates and she becomes defensive.

The luxury budget task begins, where in the housemates are required to throw balls at squares where the name of luxury items are written.

Lachu gets the feeling to vomit and she asks for medical assistance. She then tells Devu that she must leave the house due to her ill health. Bigg Boss announces that Lachu was advised by the doctor to stop continuing on the show. She bids a tearful farewell to the housemates and she talks about her experience in the house. She is also called into the confession room as well and Bigg Boss tells her that he realises that she will get better care outside the house. A number of housemates become emotional.