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Bigg Boss Malayalam 5 promo: Nadira becomes agitated with the housemates’ pranks

Vishnu, Midhun and Akhil had tried to pull a prank in the Manikyakallu task in the previous episode as well.

Bigg Boss Malayalam 5 promo: Nadira becomes agitated with the housemates’ pranks

Last Updated: 05.45 PM, Apr 23, 2023


The Manikyakallu task certainly got far more intriguing in the previous episode, when Bigg Boss announced a change in the rules of the game. As per the change in rules, the supreme had a number of duplicate stones placed all over the house as well, and the contestant who took the stone had to replace the original with the duplicate one when they took it. While some people tried to have fun with the task, others did not take kindly to the people who did not take the game seriously.

In a new promo for the upcoming episode, Vishnu, Midhun and Akhil are seen celebrating after playing a prank on the rest of the housemates. Nadira does not take kindly to this, and is seen throwing and breaking one of the duplicate stones in frustration. This gesture of hers is not taken well by the others, and Cerena is heard saying that no one in the house had the right to break property. Nadira on the other hand gets defensive and says that she did not do it on purpose. Nadira also asks why everyone is putting up with the trio’s pranks.

Check out the new promo below:

The previous episode also saw Midhun, Akhil and Vishnu pull a prank in the game, trying to steal the stone by wrapping it in a blanket. Their efforts however did not bear fruit, and the three had to put the Manikyakallu back in its original place. Akhil had also tried to distract the housemates by purposefully picking a fight with Sagar as well.

Will Nadira’s outburst have bigger consequences? Stay tuned to the latest episode of Bigg Boss Malayalam season 5 to find out. New episodes air at 9:30 PM every Monday to Friday, and at 9 PM on the weekends.

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