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Bigg Boss Malayalam season 5 promo: Akhil and Sagar have a row, will it come to fisticuffs?

Sagar and Akhil were both nominated for evictions this week.

Bigg Boss Malayalam season 5 promo: Akhil and Sagar have a row, will it come to fisticuffs?

Last Updated: 03.37 PM, Apr 22, 2023


Fights and arguments are definitely not a new thing in the Bigg Boss house. Right from day one, the housemates have been locking horns with each other, and rivalries have blossomed just as easily as friendships have. One among them is definitely the rivalry between Sagar and Akhil. The duo’s relationship had started to deteriorate when Akhil had yelled at Sagar and the latter took offence and demanded an apology, which Akhil did not give. And now it seems that their relationship hit a new rocky road.

A new promo for the upcoming episode shows the continuance of the Manikyakallu task that started on Friday’s episode. In the task, housemates are required to hide the coveted Manikyakallu, a huge gold stone. But the rules required them to do so without the other housemates noticing the stone being moved.

The promo shows Akhil warn that he would throw Sagar in the pool if the latter tried to take the rock. Sagar and Akhil are seen fighting over the rock, and things soon get physical. Things take a turn for the worse, and the duo start to push and shove each other. At one point, Akhil is even seen going to hit Sagar, while Sruthi Lakshmi screams.

Check out the promo below:

Akhil and Sagar’s rivalry had become worse when Sagar had won the captaincy task, and Akhil was required to pass on the captaincy band. Sagar demanded that Akhil apologise first, and the latter refused and put down the captaincy band instead of giving it to Sagar. Mohanlal had been upset by what happened and abruptly ended the show in his frustration. Because of their behaviour, Sagar was stripped of his captaincy and both he and Akhil were nominated for eviction.

Will Akhil and Sagar’s fight lead to fisticuffs? Find out only on the latest episode of Bigg Boss Malayalam season 5, airing on Disney+ Hotstar and Asianet.

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