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Bigg Boss OTT 2 July 10, 2023 Written Update: Cyrus Broacha allowed to go home on medical grounds, Bebika breaks down

The makers of the show allowed him to leave the show due to a medical emergency in the family

Bigg Boss OTT 2 July 10, 2023 Written Update: Cyrus Broacha allowed to go home on medical grounds, Bebika breaks down
Cyrus Broacha leaves Bigg Boss OTT 2

Last Updated: 08.08 AM, Jul 11, 2023


The day starts off with Manisha Kumari telling Abhishek that there will be a huge fight in the waiting between her and Falaq. This is followed by Abhishek breaking down as he remembers his home and parents. He then gets consoled by Avinash, Cyrus and Jad Hadid. Cyrus tells Abhishek that he has achieved so much at such a young age and that his parents will be so proud of him and his achievements.

Bigg Boss then announces a task whereby he gives everyone an experience of a theatre. The two contestants will have to talk about the house and the inmates. And the moment the ones sitting outside feel that they are diplomatic, they should press the buzzer. Also, the ones who are sitting outside have to enjoy popcorn while seeing the two contestants inside.

The first round consists of Manisha Kumari and Bebika, where they spoke about Avinash. After hearing them, Avinash stands up and presses the buzzer, thus, eliminating Manisha Kumari and Bebika from the game. This is followed by Abhishek and Pooja as the next set of contestants. They speak about a wide range of topics ranging from Falaq,

Pooja says that she missed her father after so many days. He calls her father as ‘gyaani’. She says that, once you reach 50 years and above, they get a license that ‘I cannot be changed’. After a few moments, Avinash presses the buzzer. Then goes Jiya Sharma and Jad Hadid, who are not bothered about what others are talking outside as they are more bothered about eating the delicious food that has been served on the table. After a few minutes, Pooja Bhatt presses the buzzer for them.

The last round consists of Falaq, Cyrus and Avinash. Just as when they had started talking, Cyrus speaks that he wants to go home. No sooner did Cyrus spoke about him going home, Pooja Bhatt presses the buzzer. Bigg Boss, then, summons to the confession room and permits him to leave the show on humanitarian grounds, as requested by his family members because of his ongoing medical condition.

After this, Bigg Boss announces that Cyrus has now left the show at the behest of his family members. Hearing this, Bebika breaks down uncontrollably. She gets consoled by Manisha Kumari and Falaq Naaz. Post that, everyone recalls their memories about and with Cyrus.

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