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Bigg Boss OTT 2 July 12, 2023 Written Update: Avinash Sachdev competes with Manisha Rani to be new captain of the house

Manisha Rani and Bebika Dhurve fight for captaincy too

Bigg Boss OTT 2 July 12, 2023 Written Update: Avinash Sachdev competes with Manisha Rani to be new captain of the house
Bigg Boss OTT 2 - Avinash Sachdev

Last Updated: 10.38 PM, Jul 12, 2023


Here's everything that happened in the episode...

July 12, 2023 10:13 PM IST

Jiya wants to talk to Jad. She is confused that the task could harm them. Jiya says she boils inside everytime he sits with Bebika but did not say a thing to him. Avinash discusses that with Falaq and the latter knows Jiya went at a wrong time. Jad calls himself a stranger to Jiya, who is upset because she is hurt since she doesn't have a father. Jad calls Bebika a good girl and she only smiles. With that, Jiya and Jad end things. Jiya reveals that Shankar isn't her father's name or her real name. She leaves, saying he will never leave her daughter's hand. Jad discusses with Avinash that Jiya's words don't match her actions. Manisha and Bebika disucss the same. Eventually, Jad does go to Jiya.

Pooja tells Manisha how Abhishek started talking about eggs right after Cyrus left. As Manisha discusses the same with Abhishek, he talks about how Pooja is manipulative.

July 12, 2023 09:53 PM IST

Bebika discusses how their tasks went. She says her father is a global icon. As she brings the past in the class, everybody defends Abhishek again. Ignoring them, Bebika moves on to Pooja. Avinash gives Bebika tips and asks her to leave. Bebika approaches the group with Abhishek, Avinash, Falaq and Jiya but they all insult her. On Pooja's suggestion, Jiya is out this time. She throws Jad out of the captaincy race.

Bebika gets four and Manisha gets seven roses. Avinash is one competitor for the captaincy and Manisha is the other.

Avinash and Jad discuss the task. Avinash says Jiya should have given him a valid reason. Pooja asks Bebika to not try and change the world. Manisha talks about how Jiya got Jad out of the captaincy. Jad is disappointed with Jiya and reveals so when she approaches him. She discusses the matter with Avinash.

Falaq talks to Jad and asks him to choose between her and Avinash. He says he cannot choose. She was citing the example of the situation Jiya was in. He instead asks Falaq to let it be.

July 12, 2023 09:29 PM IST

Bebika hopes that Abhishek had dil mein dard but he has sar mein dard. Abhishek wants to leave and so, he starts a fight with Bebika. This happens as they go on each other's parents. Everybody supports Abhishek in the argument. Manisha also steps in to calm them both down. Bebika throws Avinash out after he supports Abhishek. It was an opportunity Avinash was looking forward to. Bebika throws Jad and Pooja out too. She praises Jad too. Bebika gets no roses. Abhishek says he might have given her a cactus. Winning, Avinash takes Falaq out of the captaincy task.

Manisha says she finally understood the game. She asks Abhishek to not use the language he did with Bebika because he's a hero. Manisha throws Avinash out and gives Jad guidance in Hindi. Jad asks Manisha if he can go shirtless and Manisha stops him. Jiya teases her too.

Pooja is her next student and Jad does workout. Jiya is thrown out too. She and Avinash end up fighting while trying to collect boxes. Manisha gives Jad a hug and Abhishek goes haww. Abhishek, Falaq and Jad give Manisha two roses. Avinash throws Pooja out of the captaincy race, guaranteeing her that he will make her captain the next time. He wants to see Jad as the captain.

July 12, 2023 09:00 PM IST

The contestants wake up to Bigg Boss OTT 2 anthem on day 25. Jad Hadid helps Falaq Naaz relax. He then asks Jiya Shankar if he can move his luggage next to hers. She refuses to do so. Manisha and Pooja feel that if Jiya can be a captain then anybody can be. Jad discusses Jiya with Avinash and how she's pushing him away from her. Falaq says she has accepted Jiya with all her flaws too. Avinash reminds Jad to keep his relationship with the game first. Bebika still refuses to cook for everyone.

Manisha Rani says she is tired of competing with those Jad flirts with, after he flirts with Bebika. She says her habibi is forever and everybody else can flirt with him. She is taunting Bebika Dhurve. Jad Hadid then feeds Bebika and Manisha spies on them. On seeing her, Jad ends up asking, "Babu where were you?" Later, Jiya Shankar approaches Jad and he clears he got upset because her attitude changed since becoming captain. He says he would love to have her next to him and calls her his little girl. Jiya says she gets very possessive and that's when Jad confesses he loves her.

Bebika and Abhishek Malhan fight and she breaks his bracelet. Jad and Jiya call Falaq Naaz and Avinash Sachdev lovebirds. Jiya calls them Mr. and Mrs., irking Falaq. Jad apologizes for it. He then asks Falaq to get a life and Avinash asks him to shut up. Bebika tells Manisha that Abhishek doesn't exist in the home for her.

Bigg Boss announces the captaincy task through BB School. Jiya's captaincy ends. Manisha and Bebika are teachers in the school. Manisha is Hindi and Bebika is BB history teacher. Everybody else is a student. The teachers get to pick a student who will become the captain. The teachers also compete to be captains.

Bebika convinces Jad to give her flowers. Manisha steps in. Jad gives two flowers to Manisha and tries to leave. Avinash starts arguing with Manisha. Manisha gets called out by everyone, including Pooja Bhatt and Abhishek. Manisha asks Abhishek to get out. Jad makes excuses to get out but Manisha makes him sit down again. Pooja and Jad give Manisha roses. Abhishek announces he wants Jiya out of captaincy.

Bebika tells Jad she would have focused on him if she were the Hindi teacher instead of Manisha. Manisha loses her calm on Bebika for the advice.

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