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Bigg Boss OTT 2 July 31, 2023 Written Update: Jiya Shankar, Manisha Rani, Jad Hadid, Avinash Sachdev nominated for evictions

It is the day of nominations

Bigg Boss OTT 2 July 31, 2023 Written Update: Jiya Shankar, Manisha Rani, Jad Hadid, Avinash Sachdev nominated for evictions
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Last Updated: 03.29 AM, Aug 01, 2023


Here's everything that happened in the episode...

July 31, 2023 09:38 PM IST

Jiya, Jad, Manisha and Avinash are nominated for evictions this week. Bebika breaks down on hearing she is safe. Elvish comes to congratulate her too and she finally acknowledges him. Abhishek has a feeling that Jiya saved him. He is right and when Jiya reveals it, Abhishek is in shock. Jad discusses the situation with Jiya, with Avinash. Jiya does the same with Abhishek. Jad then talks to Abhishek too. Jiya tries to clarify the situation with Avinash. The latter is upset and wonders why he was supporting Jiya for Ticket To Finale. Jad breaks down while talking about his conversation with Jiya, with Abhishek, Pooja and Bebika.

Jad misses his daughter. Abhishek and Manisha joke how they would nominate Pooja first. He talks about Pooja's behaviour with him vs with Elvish. Abhishek finally talks to Jiya about how Jad is feeling. On hearing so, Jiya confronts Jad. The latter calls Jiya's laugh fake. As Jiya talks to Manisha, Jad questions so.

Manisha's imprisonment term ends. She gets back as the topic of discussion between Pooja and Avinash.

Manisha still tries to talk to Bebika and the latter ignores her. While Team Abhishek have fun, Avinash talks to Bebika about how she 'mainpulates situations.' Elvish later calls Jiya 'honest saanp.'

Jiya later talks to Pooja about Jad and nominating Avinash over Abhishek. The episode ends with that.

July 31, 2023 09:00 PM IST

Day 44 in the Bigg Boss OTT 2 house commences with the contestants grooving to Oonchi Hai Building. Pooja Bhatt then talks to Bebika Dhurve about Abhishek Malhan. Bebika gets hyper soon after the topic is raised. She talks about Salman Khan's behaviour towards Abhishek vs her. Pooja gets upset this time.

Manisha Rani talks to Abhishek about how Pooja's behaviour towards her has changed. Pooja, meanwhile, gets sarcastic about Manisha turning the house into makkhi zone.

Manisha tries to talk to Bebika, trying to convince her that there's just two weeks pending. Bebika refuses to entertain her. Jiya jokes about the ring she received from Abhishek to him. Soon, Elvish Yadav tries to talk to Bebika. He then reveals to Manisha how he has never been with a woman before and thus, doesn't know how to flirt.

Bebika, as Pooja describes it, goes into the pause mode. Abhishek and Pooja too have a one-on-one, while Elvish tries to talk to Bebika again. He apologizes to her. Abhishek comes next to talk to Bebika. She refuses to acknowledge either's presence.

Elvish later talks to Pooja and says he felt good thanks to her. Avinash Sachdev then talks to Abhishek about the difference in their attitude.

Pooja talks about her divorce and fighting alcoholism soon after with Jiya. The latter then talks to Abhishek about their complicated bond. They get confused if the other has feelings for them. Soon, Elvish comes and he gets sarcastic about the bond.

Bigg Boss then talks about the nominations task. Elvish and Bebika have to go to the activity area - room of dillemma - first. They have to pick between Jiya and Pooja for nominations. Bebika picks Pooja over Jiya and Elvish agrees with it. Thus, Jiya is the first nominated contestant.

Manisha and Abhishek go next. They choose Elvish over Jad Hadid to save during nominations task. Avinash and Pooja decide to save Bebika over Manisha. Jad and Jiya get confused in picking between Avinash and Abhishek. Jad wants to pick Avinash but Jiya cannot decide. She wants to nominate Avinash and Jad refuses to do it. They refuse to get to one decision and Bigg Boss gives them a warning. Jiya then taunts Jad that his love for people changes again-and-again. Jad eventually agrees to nominate Avinash. Jiya taunts Jad again and sarcastically calls him a 'great father figure,' irking him.

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