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Bigg Boss OTT 2 July 5, 2023 Highlights: Despite all the TORTURES, Jiya Sharma retains her captaincy of the house

Will Bebika ever go soft on Jiya Sharma and Jad is what remains to be seen

Bigg Boss OTT 2 July 5, 2023 Highlights: Despite all the TORTURES, Jiya Sharma retains her captaincy of the house
Jiya Sharma retains her captaincy

Last Updated: 08.15 AM, Jul 06, 2023


The day starts off with Bebika and Pooja Bhatt’s conversation about others' perceptions about the latter. Meanwhile, Falaq makes Jad understand that he should not get affected by Bebika. Thereafter starts yet another challenge for the post of the house captain. As a part of the challenge, the existing captain Jiya Sharma will be made to sit on a chair for a stipulated time frame. On the part of the contestants, they should torture Jiya Sharma so much that she gets up from the chair. And the moment she gets up from the chair, she will lose her captaincy.

Thereafter starts the planning process by the other contestants in various ways to torture Jiya. The contestants leave nothing in the house to be thrown and wiped and rubbed on Jiya Sharma in order to make her get up from the seat. Seeing Jiya Sharma in immense pain and shivering, Avinash feels very bad for her and starts pouring buckets of water on Jiya. He explains his situation to Jad stating that, how can he dethrone Jiya from the captaincy post, when he himself had made her the captain. Jad also agrees to his opinion.

But, since to be a part of the game, Avinash pours buckets of water on Jiya, which she uses to wipe her face and body. This is something that Abhishek and Manisha do not like as they feel that Avinash is only helping Jiya by pouring water on her face. And by doing so, he is not even participating in the task. Meanwhile, Falaq, pointing at Jiya, tells Jad that the person who is sitting on the hot seat is her friend. And that is the reason why she will not participate in the challenge to dethrone Jiya, the captain. Jad requests Manisha not to torture Jiya, which she doesn’t listen to. That creates a tremor in their relationship.

Abhishek then gets into an argument with Bebika, when the latter taunts the former. Amidst all this, Jad loses his calm and patience when he sees everyone torturing Jiya. That’s when Avinash makes Jad understand that he cannot afford to lose his calm as the cameras are capturing all his actions. Abhishek tells Bebika that, if she had a problem with Jad, then, she needs to address that in English so that Jad could understand.

After all the tortures and torments, Jiya gets declared as a winner as she successfully completed the task. As a retaliation, Bebika refuses to make food for Abhishek and Jad. Manisha tells Jiya to make Jad understand her position and that he should not lose his calm.

Bebika tells Pooja Bhatt and Cyrus Broacha about Jad’s personal life and the reason for his divorce. Immediately, Pooja Bhatt tells her that she is not interested in his personal life. On the other hand, Jiya comes and tells Avinash and Falaq that she had asked Jad if he had spoken about his divorce with Bebika and to which, he said no. That’s when Falaq explains that, even though he may not have discussed his personal life with Bebika, she must have picked it all up from their initial conversations.

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