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Bigg Boss OTT 2 June 28, 2023 Written Update: Aaliya Siddiqui gets evicted, Jad Hadid gets emotional about his past

The day was nothing less than high-voltage drama

Bigg Boss OTT 2 June 28, 2023 Written Update: Aaliya Siddiqui gets evicted, Jad Hadid gets emotional about his past
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Last Updated: 08.02 AM, Jun 29, 2023


The day started off with Jad Hadid getting emotional after seeing his fellow housemates struggle without food. He recalled and remembered how he would sleep without food. Seeing him in tears, Bebika said that she loves men who are sensitive. This is followed by Manisha Rani consoling Jad and making him feel strong by pepping him up.

Meanwhile, when asked by Pooja Bhatt, Bebika blames Aliya for leaving the sanitary napkin in the shower. And when Aliya gets to know the subject matter of the conversation, she admits that it was her who had forgotten the napkin in the shower. Quickly, she goes inside the washroom and throws the napkin in the trash and admits before Jiya and Akanksha about her forgetful nature. This was followed by a ‘hygiene’ discussion between Jiya, Falak and gang. Meanwhile, Manisha gifts Jad a ‘French tissue kiss’.

Suddenly, the eviction siren starts buzzing indicating that someone is about to be evicted between Aliya and Jiya. When asked by Bigg Boss, almost every contestant felt that, the one who should be evicted is Aliya. Pooja Bhatt, on her part, fires a salvo at Aliya stating, “Sirf bachhaa paida karne se koi maa nahi ban jaata”, and that she felt a certain negativity from her. AND… after all this, Aliya gets evicted in yesterday’s episode.

Thereafter starts a kitchen fight between Manisha and Bebika. Bigg Boss then, tells Avinash to read the rule book, which stated that the language of communication must be Hindi, murmuring, and communication through Bigg Boss’ property was strictly not allowed. Additionally, Bigg Boss also reminded everyone planning to evict the contestants was a strict no-no.

That was the reason why Bigg Boss pulls up Abhishek, Akanksha, Jiya and Abhishek and put them in this week’s nomination zone. Thereafter stars a verbal altercation between all the contestants. Post that, Abhishek has a heart-to-heart conversation with Bigg Boss, which is followed by Pooja Bhatt and others.

Jad, in the meanwhile, tries to play the peacemaker between Manisha and Bebika. Although they are cordial with each other before Jad, when they talk to each other individually, they land up saying that their friendship won’t be like before and that they will be formal with each other. Towards the end of the episode, Bebika was seen discussing Manisha Rani’s behaviour with Pooja Bhatt.

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