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Bigg Boss OTT 2: When everyone was nominating my name for eviction, I was simply smiling, reveals Falaq Naaz | EXCLUSIVE

Falaq Naaz reveals the reason as to why she was smiling when other contestants were nominating her name for eviction

Bigg Boss OTT 2: When everyone was nominating my name for eviction, I was simply smiling, reveals Falaq Naaz | EXCLUSIVE
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Last Updated: 11.15 AM, Jul 31, 2023


Given the fact that she was dealing with a major challenge in her personal life, not many expected Falaq Naaz to agree to be a participant in the ongoing ‘Bigg Boss OTT 2’. But, being the strong lady that she is, she was ready to take on any challenge head on. Bigg Boss OTT 2 was no different. A self-confessed ‘pure soul’, she had opinions about everything while she was in the Bigg Boss’ house. It was only after her sister came on the show and encouraged her, she started opening up vocally.

OTTplay met up with Falaq Naaz for an exclusive interview.

Falaq… how are u feeling right now? Is there a sense of fulfilment of having participated in India’s biggest reality show or are you feeling bad that you got eliminated so early?
I am feeling satisfied around seventy percent. At the same time, I think that, had I got evicted because of the public voting system, it would not have mattered that much. I got evicted because of my co-contestants. At the same time, I am also feeling good because I was successful in being there for five weeks out of the originally planned six weeks, which, according to me, is definitely not bad at all. The show and the journey inside the show was really very good. Overall, I am very happy.

Who do you think is/ are responsible for your elimination?
I cannot hold any one person responsible as it was a jointly taken mutual decision of everyone. Maybe, they must have felt that, I am a super strong contender and may pose a danger. Maybe, that’s why they all took a decision to evict me. I know for a fact that, Jad Hadid is extremely harmless. Avinash... they don’t even consider. As for me, my two weeks were really strong. Initially, I held my opinions to myself. But, of late, they saw me voicing my opinions on the front foot. And when the time was right and everyone got the opportunity, they lapped it up and evicted me. This was definitely expected.

What’s the first thing that you did once you stepped out of the Bigg Boss’ premises?
Trust me, the whole journey, as I said, has been extremely memorable. I, straightaway went to my house after leaving the Bigg Boss house. Let me also tell you that, on the day of my eviction, I had got a strong feeling of leaving the house. And, I had told Jiya about it. And when everyone was taking my name for eviction, I was smiling. That smile for just a validation to my gut feeling of leaving the house.

Is your faith in humanity still intact?
Of course. These people cannot move or shake my faith in humanity. I am an extremely positive person.

Who do you think is your friend for life from the Bigg Boss OTT 2 house?
Avinash and Jiya Shankar. They both have a special place in my heart. I have accepted Jiya the way she is. Even if she makes a mistake, I will own up to her mistakes.

Speaking of Jiya, is she really that ‘dumb’ as she is made up to be? Even she has confessed that she is dumb!

Actually, now, she is taking that word very lightly. Initially, the very word ‘dumb’ used to affect her a lot. She is just not dumb. She is an extremely sensitive person by nature.

How will you describe the following people in one word:

Abhishek Malhan

Puneet Superstar
Proper content creator

Jiya Shankar
She is trying to prove herself every time, which I don’t want her to do.

Akanksha Puri

Cyrus Broacha

Manisha Rani


Jad Hadid

Lack of spirit

Bebika Dhurve

Straight forward

Avinash Sachdev

Captain of the ship

Palak Purswani


Pooja Bhatt

Game player

Salman Khan


And most importantly… Falaq Naaz

Pure soul (smiles)

Amidst all this, who is that one person to whom you want to give an advice?
Jiya of course. The reason being, as I had stated above. The only advice that I want to give her is that, be yourself.

Who do you think will be the top three contestants?
Abhishek, Pooja Bhatt and Elvish.

Who will eventually win the game and why?
Maybe Abhishek.

In case you get called back either as a wild card in Bigg Boss OTT 2, or as one of the contestants in the main format of Bigg Boss, will you go?
I will go back strong.

What is happening on the professional front?
I have just stepped out of the Bigg Boss OTT 2 house.

Overall, which has been your most memorable moment?
When Salman Khan took a stand for me in front of all others.

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