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Bigg Boss OTT 3 July 01, 2024 Written Update – Naezy’s emotions run high after being nominated for evictions

Bigg Boss OTT 3 saw Naezy and Sana Maqbul Khan get overly-emotional after nominations round

Bigg Boss OTT 3 July 01, 2024 Written Update – Naezy’s emotions run high after being nominated for evictions
Bigg Boss OTT 3 - Naezy

Last Updated: 11.00 PM, Jul 01, 2024


Chandrika Dixit reveals getting kitchen leftovers in childhood

Day 10 in the Bigg Boss OTT 3 house commences with the contestants grooving to Shahid Kapoor-Alia Bhatt’s Shaandaar title song. However, things are not going to be so Shaandaar for Vishal Pandey and Armaan Malik. The latter’s wife Payal is also out of the house now.

Vishal and Love bond with Sana Makbul Khan, while Armaan talks to Kritika about the moment he felt uncomfortable. Ranvir Shorey talks about his father’s demise to Chandrika Dixit and Munisha Khetwani. Chandrika talks about her father being an alcoholic. She was adopted by her nani, and revealed that she received only leftovers from the kitchen.

Armaan asks Poulomi Das to talk straight to the point. Vishal feels Poulomi-Armaan and Deepak Chaurasia-Munisha will get a music video after the house. Housemates joke about the same. Armaan praises Sana Sultan as a quality woman. She discusses the same with Naezy and Munisha.

Shivani tries to poke Ranvir over eggs, and he understands the same, thus mocking her. Naezy tells Ranvir that he will take a trip of Mumbai. He invites Sultan too, and talks about mocking animals in school. Vishal has fun with Shivani on the other hand, with Love Kataria calling her a pocha. Love is Vishal and Shivani’s next target.

Naezy-Armaan discuss luxury cars

Ranvir tells Naezy he is learning a lot from the youngsters, especially with technology. He talks about Love and Vishal not having to go and network personally, and they got fame from the comfort of their home.

Shivani praises Makbul’s height. She reveals she has become the Vidhayak in her village, and Love tells her that she hopes to be a Sarpanch. Meanwhile, Naezy asks Armaan about his luxury cars, and gets surprised on learning it. Armaan reveals that he has a huge family to take care of, which is why it was necessary. Armaan reminds him to focus on work over everything.

Armaan Malik on controversies.
Armaan Malik on controversies.

Vishal questions whether Payal will get jealous because Armaan now gets to spend more time with Kritika, which is when Love says she is above it all now. Armaan calls out Makbul for not having a voice of her own, and she defends herself stating that she’s mostly not there in the situations.

Ranvir loses his calm on Shivani again, as she brings the laterine topic once again. They try to rub it off as joke, till she gets offended. Naezy, on the other hand, praises Makbul, stating he got good thoughts upon meeting her. He wanted to call Vishal out for taking the cover off her at night, and Sana states that she was also affected.

Shivani, Makbul and Chandrika Dixit bond with Love-Vishal and Munisha. Meanwhile, Sultan and Poulomi Das have a moment, and the latter advises to not get affected by everything people do.

Time for nominations

Sai Ketan Rao questions Poulomi and Armaan why Shivani stays sad. Poulomi says that she is talking to the cameras 24x7.

It is time for nominations. The contestants will nominate people in pairs. Naezy and Ranvir go first. Bigg Boss gets the latter to play a rapper. Naezy calls Shivani pomoi, while Ranvir is bamai (a loving brother). Naezy and Ranvir have to pick between Chandrika and Sai Ketan. The two also hear about it, since the decision will be taken live. They both are confused, since they are positive. Ranvir wants to save Chandrika, while Naezy wants Sai. They eventually agree for the latter. Chandrika is thus nominated.

Love and Makbul are next. They have to pick between Kritika and Naezy. Love decides Kritika deserves to be saved. Makbul wants to save Naezy, but eventually agrees for Kritika on Love’s convincing. Thus, Naezy is nominated for evictions. He also realizes that Makbul could not defend him.

Chandrika and Shivani are next. They have to pick between Deepak and Munisha. Chandrika roots for Deepak, and Shivani agrees. Thus, they immediately agree on nominating Munisha.

Poulomi and Munisha get confused in between saving Love or Sultan. Munisha agrees for it, and Poulomi wants to save Sultan. Unable to decide, Bigg Boss asks them to get out of the confession room. Owing to the decision, Love and Sultan are safe, while Poulomi and Munisha are nominated for the week.

Sai Ketan and Sultan have to pick between Shivani and Ranvir. Sultan wants to save Ranvir, and Sai agrees, calling him genuine. Shivani is nominated, while Ranvir is safe.

Deepak and Armaan have to pick between Maqbul and Vishal. Armaan wants to nominate Vishal, and Deepak disagrees. Armaan explains that in comparison to Ranvir, he has no manners. Deepak eventually agrees. Thus, Vishal is nominated and Maqbul is safe.

Vishal and Kritika have to pick between Armaan and Poulomi. Since Poulomi is already nominated, they have the option to nominate or save Armaan. Kritika obviously wants to save him, and Vishal also wants to save someone, and that is Armaan. Thus, Armaan is safe from nominations. On Kritika’s plea, Armaan thanks her and Vishal both.

Chandrika, Naezy, Munisha, Poulomi, Shivani and Vishal are nominated for evictions this week.

Maqbul vs Ranvir over Naezy

Maqbul tells Naezy about Kritika’s comment after Ranvir called him ‘spare part’, and Naezy says that he speaks up when needed. In the moment, Chandrika tells Naezy she didn’t expect him to nominate her. Ranvir gets furious and tells Naezy she wanted the two to fight. Maqbul clarifies the same in front of Naezy and Ranvir. After putting his point across, Ranvir leaves.

Sultan is also disappointed with Munisha. Poulomi discusses Love with Sai. Munisha, crying, apologizes to Sultan. She then takes time to talk to Vishal and Maqbul in private. Chandrika and Shivani join in, which is when Sultan also steps back in. Love comes in too. Poulomi praises Munisha for working hard for the boys. She then talks about Sai trying to interfere in other’s matters, and he says he has stopped doing that. Just then, Armaan and Kritika join the group with Munisha. So does Ranvir. When he steps in, Love cannot stop laughing. Maqbul gets furious again over what had transpired with Ranvir before. She recalls Ranvir calling her lizard and Naagin, who stings. Vishal misbehaves with Ranvir, thus leading the latter to leave. Ranvir discusses the same with Deepak. Vishal calls him dogla in front of Armaan.

Naezy-Maqbul clear things out

Naezy tells Chandrika he wanted to save her, and it was in the moment that he couldn’t. He also recalls being nominated himself, and talks about people talking to him in private about what happened. She decides not to cook for people, since she is nominated. Sultan backbitches to Sai about how Maqbul and Poulomi behave. Shivani talks about Ranvir making a muddu when she entertains. Munisha talks to Love and Vishal and ends up crying again over being nominated. Shivani decodes the same, as Chandrika laughs over the situation. Naezy discusses with Sultan about being nominated because he doesn’t speak all the time. Armaan then jokes that kitchen people will go first. That is when Maqbul seriously tells Chandrika to stop being sweet.

Maqbul apologizes to Naezy for not being able to defend him. He says she is not the real bamai. Chandrika points out he did the same thing with her.

Poulomi believes that Chandrika feels she is nominated for being in kitchen duties. Sai points out that Chandrika twists words for her benefit, and points out three instances where that happened. Chandrika repeats the same in front of Maqbul and Naezy, and the latter states that never happened.

Armaan talks to Munisha about how Love and Vishal do not have a respectful tone while talking. She tells them the same later, and Love clears the thing in front of Love. Vishal asks Armaan to talk to him on the face.

Naezy and Makbul clear things out before the day comes to an end. She asks him not to be fake with her. Naezy says that he would have picked her because they were in the bamai zone. The two have a moment with a hug. When Armaan finally approaches her, Maqbul breaks down. Chandrika calms her down, but Maqbul falls in and ends up throwing up. Ranvir remains unaffected with it all, while Naezy comes to look after his bamai. Chandrika realizes he cried as well and Armaan consoles him with a hug. Naezy asks Maqbul not to take things to heart. Chandrika then takes Naezy away, and talks about it. Naezy then promises Armaan that he would keep smiling.

Ranvir and Shivani have a moment again, as she calls him out for not cleaning the table properly. She says it is useless to talk to him, and it ends up with him mimicking her again.

Kritika reveals Armaan confuses her with Payal

As Love confuses Kritika with Payal, she reveals eve Armaan tends to do that. Sai’s night ends with him giving his mother a flying kiss. Vishal jokes with Kritika, that if she loses her phone again then she will have to leave the show. Chandrika gossips with Maqbul and Shivani about how Ranvir tried to state that she wanted them to argue.

Vishal, Love and Munisha discuss how Chandrika is good with everyone. They then join the Chandrika gang to understand who is playing the game. She is sure that something would have happened if she didn’t control her mind. Vishal talks about Armaan, and how he doesn’t like being around him. Love says he doesn’t like talking about people without a reason. After their fun moments, the group is finally ready to call it a night.

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