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Bigg Boss OTT 3 July 03, 2024 Written Update – Sai Ketan Rao, Sana Sultan sulk after Poulomi Das’ eviction

Poulomi Das got evicted on Bigg Boss OTT 3

Bigg Boss OTT 3 July 03, 2024 Written Update – Sai Ketan Rao, Sana Sultan sulk after Poulomi Das’ eviction
Bigg Boss OTT 3 - Sai Ketan Rao

Last Updated: 11.37 PM, Jul 03, 2024


Armaan Malik questions Sana Sultan

Day 13 in the Bigg Boss OTT 3 house commences with Armaan Malik stating that the reaction to stealing Sana Sultan's soft toy Sheru was not required. Poulomi Das discusses the same with Sultan. The latter feels that the motive is complete. Sana Maqbul and Chandrika Dixit discuss 'macchar' Vishal Pandey with Armaan. Maqbul shares she felt bad for nominating Naezy.

The rapper talks to Sultan about the last night incident. Love Kataria and Vishal joke with Ranvir Shorey, and avoid fights. Ranvir suggests Vishal to be more receptive (someone who listens). Vishal says, "Faaltu mein bula diya."

Sultan and Shivani Kumari have an argument, and Armaan tells Sultan to end the conversation. It leads to Ranvir vs Shivani too. It ends with Ranvir calling Shivani besharam.

Naezy questions Poulomi about her break-up which has changed her. She reveals her ex wanted her to leave her job and come to stay with him. Naezy reveals he wanted to control women but couldn't in the past. He believes he can spend his life with an artist too. Naezy feels he will be in the kitchen more than his woman.

New task

Chandrika, Munisha Khetwani and Poulomi are in bottom three. Munisha and Poulomi fight in out to stay in the house. The Bahaarwala gets to decide who will leave. The contestants get to decide who will be safe from bottom three.

Chandrika starts crying and Kritika Malik convinces her that she and Maqbul will save her. Deepak Chaurasia uses his mind, and makes a strategy on how they can get the results they want. Vishal however reasons that would not work.

Armaan and Kritika want Munisha out. The latter says she is behind Munisha for tarot since three days, which makes Armaan laugh out loud. However, there are some who want Poulomi out too.

Love teases Naezy when he asks Love to be in the task for 10 minutes more to complete an hour. Love says Naezy gets the main hero feels with the statement.

Armaan sweetly tells Love that he doesn't get involved and is only seen with Vishal. Shivani tells Naezy that she will be nominated every week from now on.

Poulomi tells Munisha emotionally that it's tough for her to make new friends (owing to her past). Naezy and Love have a fun fight, with Naezy says he loves Love but he needs to 'get the hell out' of there. Love then teases Ranvir with his teeth, beard, hair and more.

Poulomi Das evicted

Armaan discusses with Ranvir about how Shivani plays snitch. Vishal questions Armaan-Sai's equation and why they keep laughing all the time.

Poulomi gets emotional on meeting Sai Ketan Rao. They recall getting lost if they would even make friends on day 1 and ended up so close today. At the same time, Ranvir lashes out at Love.

Naezy finds Sultan like one of his male friends. Meanwhile, Shivani wants the exercise equipment to become leaner in the house.

In the first hour, Munisha and Poulomi were bottom two. The same continued in the second hour, and even in the third hour.

The contestants have to decide who they want out. The votes are in favour of Munisha and not Poulomi. Thus, Bigg Boss announces that with the power of Bahaarwala, Poulomi is out of the show.

Sultan gets emotional, and Sai asks her if she's okay. He feels that Munisha is not deserving here. That is when Sultan breaks down. She seeks Deepak out for comfort.

Naezy questioned

Love and Vishal discuss with Maqbul about Ranvir and Sultan. Maqbul then discusses the same with Armaan alone. Love, Vishal and Armaan then pick on Shivani.

Sai feels Maqbul is doing 'maska maarna' with Naezy and he's getting influenced by it. Sai calls her fake. Naezy says he wants people to call him bamai but not in front of her.

The contestants get a product from two hampers each. Soon after, Sultan also calls Naezy out on not letting her call him bamai. Like Sai, Sultan also says she would call him Naezy and not bamai.

Naezy says he is happy in the kitchen and can cook every single day. Vishal mimicks Naezy being zoned out and using language with temper. Naezy says he's safe inside the house, and there's supernatural activities with him in the real world.

Sai and Sultan continue sulking over Poulomi's eviction. Sultan tells Sai their bond is forever. Sai feels Munisha doesn't deserve to stay in the house. With that, Naezy leaves.

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