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Bigg Boss OTT 3 Written Update July 02, 2024 – Begins with Vishal Pandey and Armaan Malik’s nasty fight, ends with Sana Sultan in tears

Bigg Boss OTT 3 July 02, 2024 was one with fights, for Vishal Pandey, Armaan Malik and Sana Sultan were all hurt

Bigg Boss OTT 3 Written Update July 02, 2024 – Begins with Vishal Pandey and Armaan Malik’s nasty fight, ends with Sana Sultan in tears
Bigg Boss OTT 3 - Armaan Malik

Last Updated: 11.25 PM, Jul 02, 2024


Vishal Pandey vs Armaan Malik

Day 11 is about Shivani Kumari getting frustrated with Sai Ketan Rao. She complains to Vishal Pandey and Love Kataria. She calls Sai maha chugalkhor.

Vishal clears things out to Kritika Malik, while Sana Maqbul Khan talks to Armaan Malik. The latter calls Vishal and Love ‘kutte ke bacche.’ Vishal then tells Love he will get violent if Armaan irks him again.

Sana feels Naezy keeps things inside him, but will blast if poked. Armaan then says Maqbul told him that Naezy pokes him.

Vishal ends up calling Armaan Malik ‘khaala jaan.’ The two end up fighting again, with Armaan calling Vishal ‘macchar.’ Their fight gets face-to-face, with Love on standby. Vishal tries to involve Kritika, and she asks him not to involve him. While doing so, he calls Armaan ‘chugalkhor.’

Vishal questions Armaan about calling people ‘kaam wali bai’ and calls him ‘insecure.’ They come to aukaad soon after, and get intense again. Chandrika Dixit takes them away, when Vishal says he would give Armaan ‘kaccha aata’ to eat. Love tries to calm Vishal down, only for the two to end up fighting.

Vishal and Armaan’s fight gets intense, when Vishal feels Armaan dragged his family into it. The two end up dragging Sana Maqbul into the matter.

Why Naezy chose Bigg Boss OTT 3

Naezy discusses with Maqbul how his friends would not understand Bigg Boss. He took on the show because he got calm since 2020, and felt like the show would get him recognized again. People got him confused whether to go or not, and he didn’t want to appear unprofessional, so he thought it would be adventure and understanding human nature through the show.

Armaan and Maqbul discuss what would happen if he gets violent. Kritika and Maqbul take it as a joke when Armaan says bouncers will have to enter the show. Maqbul, Kritika, Shivani Kumari and Chandrika Dixit discuss they will hide Sana Sultan’s soft toy, Sheru.

New task

There’s a new task, in which the contestants have to make cutputli for their favourites among Ranvir Shorey, Shivani and Vishal. Love, Armaan and Chandrika get super competitive and take all materials to themselves.

Vishal asks Naezy to help him with some rap lines. People gather against Sai too. Vishal’s play includes Shivani, Maqbul, Naezy, Armaan, Ranvir, Chandrika, Sai Ketan and Sultan. Ranvir’s begins with Shivani, Armaan, and Love. Vishal gets the biggest jibe, as Ranvir says Vishal only observes Love’s pichvaada. He gets appreciated from Love and Vishal themselves too. Ranvir and Munisha go first in Shivani’s play. Armaan-Kritika are next. Sai-Poulomi-Sultan are next. Love-Vishal go next, as ‘couple.’ She gets appreciated as well.

As Maqbul says she will go solo, Love asks Vishal to not consider her a friend and just another contestant. Vishal is hurt with what unfolded, and felt that Maqbul took it in a wrong sense. Poulomi clears the matter with Shivani as well. Vishal and Chandrika get an explanation too.

A rapper wanted to destroy Naezy

Naezy talks to Poulomi, Sai and Kritika about a rapper trying to destroy him. He decided to avoid giving the rapper recognition in public, and is tensed about what would be happening now.

Chandrika is upset about people pointing out that she makes rotis. Ranvir is confused about the same, and tries to understand why Chandrika cooking is a problem. He talks about her fighting that he gave as a reason for her nominations. Chandrika ends up crying over the same.

Ranvir says fatherhood changed him. Just as he talks about ‘hormonal change,’ Armaan and Kritika are seen twinning.

Bigg Boss then announces that Vishal won the task, and Shivani was second. Vishal states that many are upset with the decision. As a bahaarwala, Love has a task to perform, which he does seriously. The housemates are happy with him. Kritika gets to inform the housemates about Shivani’s dandruff issues. Munisha gets furious and Ranvir surprised on learning about Shivani having dandruff and lice, and hiding it from them. Shivani calls it normal, and Poulomi agrees. Vishal calls Munisha out for questioning Shivani’s hygiene.

Naezy says he is getting therapy after getting in the house. He, like Sultan, believes that Naezy will get fame again after the show.

Sheru goes missing, leaving Sana Sultan emotional

Sultan realizes her Sheru is missing, and loses her calm. She approaches Shivani, who starts laughing. Kritika involves Bigg Boss on it, and Sultan does too. The latter asks for Sai’s help to find Sheru. Sultan ends up crying after Sheru goes missing. Shivani asks Ranvir to not open his mouth. Sai figures out that Kritika had hidden Sheru, and tries to convince Sultan, who keeps crying. Ranvir questions the reason for doing such a thing, and Kritika-Maqbul apologize for it. They try to calm her down and she keeps crying. Shivani apologizes to Sheru and gives Sultan a hug as well. This time, Armaan tries to talk to Sultan about the incident. He asks her to forgive them, and Naezy gives it back to Shivani. Ranvir calls out Maqbul also for what happened. Kritika promises to never touch Sheru again. With that, the night ended high on emotions for all the contestants.

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