Bigg Boss OTT August 12 2021 written update: Raqesh Bapat loses his calm; Zeeshan ditches Urfi for Divya
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Bigg Boss OTT August 12 2021 written update: Raqesh Bapat loses his calm; Zeeshan ditches Urfi for Divya

Bigg Boss day 4 was quite eventful for relationships and behaviours of the housemates took a drastic turn.

Shaheen Irani
Aug 12, 2021
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Bigg Boss OTT.

The housemates wake up to the Koi Mil Gaya song. Everybody is in a better mood than last night. Shamita Shetty and Raqesh Bapat were seen bonding on the song. Raqesh later went and kissed Neha Agarwal on the cheek too.

Pratik Sehajpal and Urfi Javed argue. He says that he doesn't want her and vice-versa. Nishant Bhatt joins in and says he doesn't like the captain and Pratik says that it is just a day. Raqesh, Divya and Karan Nath discuss Pratik's captaincy.

Nishant then asks Muskaan Jattana (Moose) if she likes Pratik. She says she was starting to. He says that they don't have to date each other. He knows that he is a higher friend than what Pratik means to her. Nishant says he's not insecure with Pratik at all because he likes him, till the time he fucks with his head.

Neha is confused by Moose. She discusses the same with Akshara Singh and Millind Gabba. Millind asks Neha not to let anybody mistreat her.

Pratik asks Divya to clean her cup. She ignores him and checks herself out in the mirror. Pratik asks her to stay with respect. They get into an argument.

Pratik and Moose then discuss her wedding. The latter says her mother asks her to get married to a girl. Moose says that she is bisexual but more attracted to guys. They flirt and Moose asks if Pratik isn't cute.

The guys have an opportunity to make a connection with Divya. Bigg Boss announces the next task for that. A girl will be nominated in turn of Divya if a boy with a connection presses the buzzer. Soon, Akshara says what if nobody wants to make a connection with Divya.

Divya approaches Raqesh first. Zeeshan, on the other hand, tells Neha that he might press the buzzer. She encourages him and Zeeshan moves towards the buzzer. Urfi notices him and asks him to press the buzzer. After walking with Karan, Zeeshan presses the buzzer. Zeeshan tells Urfi he still loves her as a friend. Pratik reminds Zeeshan that now Urfi is nominated thanks to his action.

Urfi loses her calm too and says it is very embarrassing for her. She breaks down in the bedroom. Moose, Nishant and Pratik join in to calm her down. Urfi is upset because he never came to talk to her. She also talks about their connection of three years.

Zeeshan, on the other hand, tells Divya that he already spoke to her and she approved of it. Urfi says that she was stupid to trust Zeeshan. She then says her mascara is too expensive for him.

Raqesh also tells Shamita that he thought about pressing the buzzer and she agrees. They however agree to work on their connection, even though they do not see themselves connect to a great extent.

Zeeshan and Moose get into an argument. She says she is over smart, an overactor and over in everything. Nishant also gets into an argument. Akshara just stands there confused and trying to understand the situation with a disgusted look. Neha loses her cool and tells Moose not to talk to her. Neha even calls her a hypocrite.

Pratik comes and tells Zeeshan not to take the vessel because it could hurt Moose. Raqesh and Shamita were seen bonding at the moment. She then took Zeeshan along while Raqesh stuck with Divya. Pratik asks Divya if she's jealous.

Shamita asks Divya not to talk and encourage Pratik. She says that is how she is and asks Shamita to accept her for that or leave her. Raqesh and Shamita discuss that while eating.

Zeeshan discusses that he only has the task of cutting and can pick helping in the kitchen, with Divya and Raqesh. Nishant, on the other hand, tells Ridhima how Zeeshan prioritized workouts over making food.

The contestants have a new task at hand. They have to colour their partner's hair within an hour. Pratik and Akshara moderate the task. She tries to explain Neha and Milind when Pratik goes ahead and shows Neha how it is done. Akshara calls him unfair and walks away. She tells him that she will not behave like others.

Neha says she was waiting to see Akshara and was waiting for that. Ridhima and Divya agree.

Milind and Neha are saved in the first round. Divya hugs Shamita and says she is proud of her for doing the task. Shamita, who feels she deserved to be safe, then says that she didn't want to turn her task into a fight.

Nishant and Moose nominate themselves for the next week. Pratik saves them from nominations and moves on to round three.

The third round is giving Bigg Boss all fruits and vegetables in the house. Shamita agrees to the task while Nishant, Moose and Neha hide the fruits. Raqesh sees it and laughs with Shamita over that.

As Zeeshan agrees to the task and discusses it with Pratik and Akshara, Urfi says she's embarrassed she was ever his friend. Zeeshan argues with Ridhima for leaving her spot and going to pee. Urfi screams and says that he couldn't even care about their friendship of three years and thus shouldn't be trusted. After a long time, Zeeshan disagrees with the task.

Neha and Moose talk it out. The former says Moose is poking her unknowingly. She says she wants to support Moose but the latter 'chooses' when to be nice with Neha. The singer says that she is confused with the dual personality and doesn't want to gossip about her, which happened earlier in the day after everyone was upset with her.

Zeeshan and Karan resume the task. The latter stops the former. Ridhima says that Zeeshan joined Divya to be safe from nominations. Pratik saves Zeeshan and Divya for their efforts. Shamita then fights with Pratik stating that she even put no effort into colouring her hair.

Raqesh loses his calm too. He says Pratik is ethically wrong. Shamita fights and asks Pratik to count all fruits. Raqesh walks off saying he wouldn't play a game which isn't fair. Shamita also comes into the house and talks to Nishant and Moose about the situation. Raqesh says he will listen to Bigg Boss, not Pratik. Zeeshan also comes and talks to Raqesh on the topic.

Raqesh says he's ready to quit the show if this is how it will go. Shamita and Raqesh call Akshara a dumbass for not opening her mouth. Pratik is still adamant about making Zeeshan and Divya win the third round. Shamita and Raqesh quit the round and agreed to be nominated. Thanks to that, Ridhima and Karan are also safe for the week. One more connection is yet to be nominated. The report card is here and people are happy with the contestants.

Divya and Shamita discuss the fights. Urfi, on the other hand, still talks about the Zeeshan situation with Pratik. She remembers how he told Sima aunty that he wants to be with Urfi till the end. She now feels he wasn't happy from the stage itself. She then asks Bigg Boss why didn't they give him a jhola, since he doesn't even wear enough clothes.

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