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Bigg Boss OTT August 16 2021 written update: SidNaaz back in the house, she asks Zeeshan to cover up

SidNaaz finally enter the Bigg Boss OTT house. While Sidharth Shukla gave his strong opinion as always, Shehnaaz Gill motivated all contestants.

Shaheen Irani
Aug 16, 2021
cover image

Akshara Singh asks Milind Gabba what will Divya Agarwal do after the Shanivar Ka Vaar episode. The latter feels she will team up with the gang members again. Akshara says that she will press the buzzer if given a chance.

Divya is seen crying as Zeeshan Khan brings him tissues. He says that he stood for her. Ridhima Pandit approaches and Divya clarifies she is hurt by the homewrecker comment. Divya says that using the word just because she talks to Shamita Shetty's connection, is wrong. She points out how Neha Bhasin and Shamita are never called out but when she talks about something people already know, she's called bitching about people.

Raqesh Bapat tells Shamita that he needs a break from people. Shamita says that what happened needs to be at the back of his mind.

Divya says she found many statements by Karan Johar wrong. Zeeshan says that he tried to create problems between Divya and Shamita, which Divya agrees to. She states that is the reason she didn't clear anything with the actress. Divya says that she went to Akshara to clear the air.

Akshara tells Ridhima that she would fight with everyone now. The latter says that she is good with everyone except Pratik. She even thought that the matter was solved between her and Pratik but he started blabbering again. Ridhima says that he isn't the one to understand and she has understood that much.

As the contestants groove to 'Where's the party tonight', Sidharth Shukla and Shehnaaz Gill enter the house. They interact with the contestants. SidNaaz praised the current contestants.

Shehnaaz picks Raqesh and says she wants to see him dance. She and Sidharth groove on one side while the contestants groove on the other.

Shehnaaz talks to Akshara and says how she represents Bihar at a national level and she loves it. She tells Nishant how she became his fan and praises Pratik too.

Tired, she asks Sidharth to talk. He is ready to test the contestants. He shows each contestant about their fan following.

Pratik removes Shamita's block and places it on Moose's. Shamita removes Divya's block and places it on Nishant's block. Raqesh removes Pratik's block and places it on Shamita's. Nishant removes Raqesh's block and places it on Moose's. Karan removes Pratik's block and places it on Ridhima's. Ridhima removes Pratik's block and places it on Nishant's.

Divya talks about Nishant. Pratik interferes and Divya asks him to stop talking. She then removes Shamita Shetty's block. There is an argument between the two, amusing Sidharth. While they are still arguing, Divya places the block on Ridhima. Shehnaaz and Sidharth talk about the task.

Milind goes next and removes Moose's block. He places it on Neha's block. Zeeshan also removes Moose's block and places it on Milind's. Moose removes Milind's block and places it on Nishant's. Akshara goes next and removes Divya's block and places it on Pratik's. Neha also removes Divya's block and then places it on Milind's. Nishant won while Divya lost in the task.

Sidharth introduces another task. This task involves Divya and Neha. The task is about a black heart, which Shehnaaz did in season 13. Ridhima goes first and tells Pratik that she would fill the whole heart if it was him. They then get into an argument. She picks Neha, which also leads to an argument. Ridhima called Neha diplomatic.

Milind goes next and he's confused and can't pick either. Eventually he fills Divya's jar. Zeeshan goes next and picks Neha because Divya is already being judged after Weekend Ka Vaar. Akshara comes without a doubt and pours it in Divya's jar. Raqesh goes next and pours it in Divya's jar too. Divya and Neha fight again in the middle of that. Shamita comes next and picks Divya too. Karan goes next and says he would have poured the water on him if there was an option. He eventually picks Divya. Nishant comes next and picks Neha.

After Sidharth pokes Nishant to talk about Karan Nath, he says that the latter has not opened up yet. Sidharth says that goodness is taken for granted.

Moose comes next and picks Neha. Pratik obviously picks Divya. Sidharth reminds the contestants that Bigg Boss OTT is the shortest season and thus, they should not bother about others. Before leaving, Shehnaaz congratulates the contestants and asks Zeeshan to wear clothes.

Ridhima and Divya discuss Neha's behaviour. Zeeshan on the other hand asks Akshara to talk to Divya. Neha talks to Pratik about how everybody is intimidated by her. He tells her that he is with her when she says she feels intimidated being alone. She argues with Zeeshan. She tells Milind that she can play alone also, which hurts him. Neha is upset with him for being diplomatic and not picking a single name. Akshara asks Milind to talk to Neha and he resists doing so. They eventually talk and she apologized to him. He asks her to guide him through these matters. Milind breaks down and tells Neha he is with her for life.

Shamita says she was happy that Raqesh chose her in the task. He says that Nishant approached him and asked why he doesn't have his own voice and ends up listening to Shamita only. She points out how Raqesh was called spineless by the choreographer and he says he is okay with that because he is still trying his own self.

Pratik talks to Akshara about how Divya talks to Nishant, Moose and others. Divya talks to Nishant about the same matter, sitting adjacent to them. Nishant calls Pratik extra protective.

Neha tells Zeeshan and Milind that they need to take a proper stand because she takes strong stands. She feels they aren't supporting her. Zeeshan brings Moose and she asks him to ignore that name at all costs. She calls Zeeshan also diplomatic. He asks Neha to take more time to forgive him. Milind tells her that nobody is influencing her or is being influenced by her but he would be glad to be influenced by her. She refuses to do that and leaves for the restroom. Neha goes to the bedroom and cries her heart out, which is when the episode ends.

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