Bigg Boss OTT Premiere Highlights: Pratik Sehajpal fights with contestants, tests Karan Johar's patience
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Bigg Boss OTT Premiere Highlights: Pratik Sehajpal fights with contestants, tests Karan Johar's patience

Catch all the highlights from the grand premiere of Bigg Boss OTT hosted by Karan Johar.

Shaheen Irani
Aug 09, 2021
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The episode starts with Karan Johar entering the Bigg Boss OTT house on the recreated version of Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham. He gives a tour of the house while singing about what one can expect in this season. Soon after that, KJo exits the house and enters the stage while performing on chartbusters from his movies. The filmmaker then announces that he will introduce the male contestants first and then their connections in the house which would be the female contestants.

The first one to enter is actor Raqesh Bapat, who Karan says is 'single and ready to mingle'. He is asked to be seated at the #StayConnected zone and soon after that, Zeeshan Khan gatecrashes on the stage. He wears a bathrobe and shows his excitement about becoming a part of Bigg Boss OTT. He asks Karan to wear a bathrobe and they then dance to Radha song. Then enters singer Millind Gaba who impresses everyone with his performance.

Ahead of Nishant Bhat's entry, Bharti Singh and Haarsh Limbachiyaa become emotional as he is leaving Dance Deewane 3 for Bigg Boss OTT. Everyone from the dance-based reality shows cheers for Nishant as he is set to enter the Bigg Boss house.

Here enters Karan Nath, who talks about being away from the screen for 14 long years.

Pratik enters with Khalbali. He has come covered in a fur coat and black pants only. He calls himself good and bad and talks about karma too.

Karan and Zeeshan fight with Pratik. Karan asks Milind about energy and the latter says that people get anxious. Pratik says that he's just confident. He goes on to tell Karan that he will join Dharma.

Zeeshan tells Pratik they were rooting for him till he picked on them. The latter tells Karan that he will be scared of the 'overconfidence' in Pratik he spoke about.

Finally, Karan introduces the heroines. Malaika Arora enters on Kaal theme and the Mimi song Param Sundari. Kriti Sanon had originally performed on the track. Karan joins her on the dance floor before chatting with her. The two go praises for one another. She promotes KJo stating that she is sure about him as a host. However, she also tells him that she needs all the gossip from the house.

Malla reveals she has come for the SGS (sarvagunn sampann) guys. She came to test their flexibility. Zeeshan and Milind are up first. She talks about stretching poses. Karan calls the first pose 'mission impossible' and refuses to do it. They do two more poses.

Next, she tests how men charm women. Pratik and Raqesh have to take up the task. Pratik tells Malaika that he finds her teeth very pretty, leaving Karan wondering. He also sings Janam Janam with the tunes too. Raqesh remembers Tum Bin and its dialogue. Karan dedicates a sher to Malla right after.

Malaika then talks about dancing. Karan and Nishant have to show their dancing skills. Nishant is already a choreographer. The two have to use a prop - pole - for the dance. While Karan dances in western wear, Nishant goes on in a traditional outfit. They both impressed Malla and Karan.

Before introducing the heroines, Karan orders to turn the tables where the boys are seated.

The first heroine is Shamita Shetty, who enters on her uber-popular song Sharara Sharara. While Karan greets her, the boys are busy sketching. Shamita recalls going in the house a decade later. She also talks about getting offers previously.

The boys, meanwhile, show what they feel about Shamita. She says that the show will see her 2.0. Shamita says she hates it when someone is dishonest and lying, after which she says she also hates people who aren't clean. Shamita calls herself an evening person.

Karan then tells Shamita that she has to make a connection with a guy and stay connected or they will not go to the finale. She will get to choose who the guy is. He asks her a few questions and based on them, KJo introduces her to Malla. The latter tells her that she needs someone who takes care of her needs. The boys are back and Shamita says she knows Nishant, Raqesh and Karan from the boys.

Pratik tells Shamita she tried to 'cover up' after she said he gave her a Korean vibe. The two get into a heated moment thanks to that. Karan introduced Milind as 'Baby Badshah'. Shamita has to pick two boys for the task and she tells Pratik she won't choose him. She picks Raqesh and Karan.

They have to make tasty bhel fastest to impress her. Shamita is scared looking at Karan's bhel. Karan calls it Hakka Manchurian, while co-incidentally revealing that Raqesh is also OCD about being neat. Shamita felt Raqesh was considerate about her needs and thus, asked before adding a mirchi. Liking that, she picked Raqesh over Karan as her partner.

Before leaving, Pratik pokes her again. He tells Shamita that she contradicted her statements. They have a difference of opinion. Shamita asks him to keep her choices to herself. Karan loses his calm too.

Shamita enters the house. The colour of the beds matches her dress.

Karan then introduces the second heroine as a Gen-Z fan. Urfi Javed then enters on Kar Gayi Chull. Her OTT outfit astonishes Karan and the boys give their opinion of her too. They both connect over being sassy.

Urfi says she's more interested in girls' outfits than boys. KJo asks Urfi to accept the six boys with all her heart, for his sake. Raqesh is amazed at her attitude. She says she knows Zeeshan and calls him 'apna ladka'. Urfi also calls herself Milind Gaba's fan. She knows Raqesh. Urfi then talks about Pratik, stating he is a co-actors ex. Pratik then asks if she's talking about Pavitra. When Karan asked about the relationship, Pratik called them both aggressive and their relationship, toxic.

Urfi and Zeeshan already talk fun. She calls herself a lesser crazy than him. She then adds that she's the 'desi version' of Kareena Kapoor. Milind then talks about how she rediscovers fashion. Karan, on the other hand, says he finds her confidence-inspiring.

Pratik asks Urfi to make an outfit for him. She refuses and their energies don't meet either. Karan then talks about the connection. Urfi says she wasn't even looking for a man but will do it because she has to. Malla says that she wants a man with strength.

Urfi picks Zeeshan and Karan for the task. They both have to do pushups while she sits on them. Urfi is constantly scared when Zeeshan does pushups while she sits on top of him. She does the same with Karan. Urfi then picks Zeeshan.

Karan then talks about Zeeshan's comment on her. He then stated that he wrote 'fearless' after her entry. Urfi then tells Pratik that she will meet him at the house. He says inshallah, while Karan reminds him that they will meet and there's no need to say Inshallah.

Urfi meets Shamita. The latter takes off her shoes and they bond instantly. They talk about their partners. They bitch about Pratik. Urfi says he called her a 'gadhi and ghodi'. She introduces him to Shamita, who is confused about his attitude.

Karan then introduces Neha Bhasin by naming her song 'Swag Se Swagat'. She croons Dhunki upon her entry on the show. The boys leave comments for her.

Neha says that she wants to know who she is without the comfort of it. When KJo asks if she is ready to share a bed with someone and she says yes. He says that her personality is made for OTT. He calls her his 'soulmate'. Neha then calls herself a morning person.

When Karan says she has to connect with a guy, she straight-up asks if it is by sleeping with them. He asks her the same questions and Malla says she needs a guy who is determined and extroverted.

Neha is introduced to the boys. She calls the experience 'very funny' and nice. She says she knows Milind and Raqesh. Pratik knows Neha. Karan introduces the other boys to her. Neha says she has a common link with Karan Nath.

Neha has to pick two boys, who are Raqesh and Milind. Karan refuses to call Raqesh on board. She picks Pratik, who gets slow claps.

The boys then have to do a challenge that involves props. They get costumes. Both Pratik and Milind have to wear high heels and walk the ramp. They groove to You Are My Soniya. The next prop is wigs. Pratik uses blue while Milind uses pink. Next up, Pratik wears a yellow skirt while Milind wears blue wear. They groove to Tooh, from Kareena Kapoor Khan-Imran Khan's film Gori Tere Pyaar Mein.

Neha picks Milind. Pratik is asked to go back to his seat. Milind and Neha hug before she leaves for the house. She calls the house 'so very pretty' and meets Urfi first. Shamita asks Neha about her leg. They discuss the house and her leg.

Karan introduces heroine number four in Muskaan Jattana. She walks on the stage on the song Paatshala from Aamir Khan's film Rang De Basanti.

Karan asks her about her 'mooseness' and she says that she thought people saw her film in an alternate universe. She calls herself a morning person because of the songs. Moose then adds that she would also feel herself around fights. The boys leave good comments for her.

After answering the questions, Malla says Moose needs a guy who is unique and has an X-factor. The tables turn on Disco Deewane. She says that she knew Zeeshan from before. Moose then picks Raqesh and Zeeshan and Karan refuses them. She then picks Pratik and Nishant.

Moose has to judge them based on their interview. She picks Nishant. He says he will visit Australia for sure. The trio talks about Moose and Urfi says she knows her too. Moose greets Neha first and Urfi last.

Karan then introduces Akshara Singh on Halkat Jawaani. The Bhojpuri actress grooves to Paaro Paaro and Sawaan Mein Lag Gayi Aag revamped version on stage.

Nishant introduces her to the boys as 'Alia Bhatt of Bhojpuri'. She then tells KJo that she is here for entertainment and will bring in the crowd from UP and Bihar.

After hearing Akshara's answers, Malla says that Akshara needs a follower in her guy. She recognized Milind and Karan. The former talks about her song. KJo introduces the boys. He calls Pratik 'antaryami' and Zeeshan 'bathrobe guy' as usual.

She picks Pratik and Milind. KJo refuses the latter. She picks Zeeshan who she can't pick either. She then picks Karan. Pratik then picks a fight. However, the two then end up grooving with her. After that, Akshara picks Pratik. KJo and Pratik go head-to-head once again.

Akshara enters the house screaming. That leaves Shamita surprised. They discuss her partner and everybody guesses Karan. Shamita is sure she can handle Pratik.

Karan then introduces Divya Agarwal on Let The Music Play. She recalls being a background artist in Student of the Year and how she thought Alia, Sidharth and Varun got lucky.

Divya says she knows Milind. She picks Raqesh but cannot go for him. She picks Milind, who is also not available. Next, she picks Pratik and Zeeshan, both of whom are unavailable. She then gets Karan Nath by default.

Riddhima Pandit enters on Genda Phool. Karan praises her work on TV. She calls herself a mimic and warns she will attack someone with that.

Pratik asks if Divya is his ex. He says that he texted her a lot. They say that they considered each other as siblings. Divya apologizes for Pratik's behaviour. Karan asks Pratik to calm down and refuses to give him a task.

Riddhima asks why the boy is available and Karan says no one. Karan Nath is available for Divya and Riddhima. Now Karan will pick his connection among the two girls. They have to convince him to pick one of them. One of them will be evicted if they aren't picked. Karan is stressed out after the situation at hand. He picks Riddhima.

She then enters the house on Where's The Party Tonight. She greets everyone and says she picked Karan. They discuss Akshara's partner Pratik. Riddhima talks about Pratik and Divya's interaction.

The boys enter soon after. They greet the girls and discuss where they would sleep.

Divya can finally enter the home solo but is nominated for the week. She praises the house and moves with Moose. The actress then introduces her to everyone.

Bigg Boss greets everyone and reminds them about the inception of the show 14 years ago. He reminds them about the elimination and how they need to take control of the show.

Urfi and Pratik get into a heated argument when Bigg Boss says that the girls will get their stuff fully once they successfully make their connection.

Akshara calls Pratik a good person. Divya talks to Riddhima about Pratik. She says he agreed to sleep outside which is good for everyone. Riddhima calls him defensive and Divya also gets angry at his comment. He gets defensive again on hearing her. Divya says he came to get footage. She says he pissed off her partner Varun Sood on Ace of Space and is here to do the same with her. Divya abuses him after which Pratik loses his calm.

He repeats the abusive word while Divya calls him crazy. He calls her insecure instead. Raqesh asks him to ignore her. Pratik loses his calm in front of him too. He calls her fake and says that she bashed Priyank Sharma in the previous show.

Milind calls Pratik harsh. Urfi feels he's here for footage. Later, Pratik and Urfi get into an argument. Neha tells Urfi she appreciates that they are getting into an argument but her energy is writing off on everybody. She calls her an attention seeker. Urfi calls her badtameez later on.

Karan then introduces the brands, when Malla reenters. He reminds people about their show being live 24x7. The show will air from Monday to Saturday at 7 pm. The eliminations will take place on Sunday from 8 pm.

Soon after that, the sequence shift inside Bigg Boss OTT house where Bigg Boss give the contestants their first task. To make the reality show entertaining 24/7, every contestant has to perform in the garden area and the stage shouldn't be left empty until a buzzer is heard. 

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