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Bigg Boss OTT September 1 2021 written update: Shamita Shetty, Raqesh Bapat part ways

Shamita and Raqesh even refused to continue the show as each other's connection.

Shaheen Irani
Sep 02, 2021
cover image

Raqesh Bapat and Shamita Shetty on Bigg Boss OTT.

Day 24 of Bigg Boss OTT began by the contestants grooving to Jaldi Aao, created for Money Heist. Soon, we see Muskaan Jattana singing 'lonely vibes' while her connection Nishant Bhat lays down and hears her. He walks away when she says Nishant won't talk to her.

Pratik Sehajpal talks to Nishant on the topic. The choreographer was sitting with Pratik's connection Neha Bhasin. Raqesh joins them. Defending his statement, Nishant says what he and Moose have is a connection and not an affair.

Meanwhile, we see Moose getting emotional while lying on the bed and talking to her mother's photo. Pratik asks her to make Nishant miss her.

We see Akshara and Nishant talk. The choreographer says he's becoming emotionless. The Bhojpuri actress calls him the most emotional in the house. Nishant says he has no regrets for tearing the letter. The choreographer says he is pissed off because he can't understand why he didn't feel anything. Akshara sits next to him when Nishant breaks down. He calls himself 'very cold'.

Shamita Shetty asks Neha and Pratik where her partner Raqesh is. When they tell her that he is with Divya, Shamita makes a face. Neha asks the actress why she keeps scolding her connection. The trio feel he is among the 'yeda banke peda khaana' lot.

Pratik talks to Moose one-on-one once again. She finds his connection with Neha weird because it looks like boyfriend and girlfriend. Pratik says he doesn't usually get comfortable with people but once he does then there are lesser boundaries. He further justifies stating that he treats her like a boy. The conversation ends with Neha entering between Pratik and Moose, kicking him and Moose calling them cute.

Pratik and Neha have to save someone from the nominations. Except for the duo, Raqesh and Moose, the whole house is nominated. Neha and Pratik argue about who to pick among Shamita and Nishant. She fights for Shamita while he fights for Nishant. The two have a long argument. Neha says she's okay to get out of the house but won't put her foot down because she has done nothing for her friends so far, which is 'so wrong'. The two then decide on saving Shamita from the nominations. Neha apologizes to Nishant soon after announcing the same.

Raqesh pampers Nishant in the kitchen by massaging his shoulders, while Shamita apologizes to Pratik in the washroom area. Neha also gives Pratik a hug standing, while Shamita does the same to Raqesh sitting.

Moose cries and asks her mom to save Nishant. She asks everyone to save him or eliminate her also because she doesn't want to stay on the show alone. Moose cries and says he deserves to stay and she should have been nominated instead of him.

Neha tries to talk to Nishant, who is eating food next to his luggage. The choreographer asks her to wait till he finishes his food. Then Neha walks out in the garden area and meets Shamita and laughs. The singer feels that the decision might affect Pratik and Nishant's friendship. While Neha says that Nishant is angry, Shamita calls Pratik 'immature' for trying to save his friend everytime. Still not talking to Moose, Nishant walks out of the room by clearing his throat. The social media influencer breaks down again.

Moose sits in a separate room and cries, which is when Nishant approaches her. He sits next to her and observes her. Seeing her look, Nishant jokes that Moose is listening to Bhumro Bhumro in her head.

Moose asks Nishant to break their connection instead and the two end up in laughter, with the choreographer calling her names. The influencer is upset that Nishant asked her for space. They ask each other to die after which Moose jokes she tried to do that the whole day. Their fight ends up in him kissing her on the cheek. When Moose talks to Nishant about the nominations, he says he doesn't care. She ends up saying she cares. Nishant calls them strong. When Moose asks for a hug, they hesitate and then end up giving each other a warm embrace.

Shamita complains to Raqesh about not having any task to perform and eating a lot. He asks her when was the last time she didn't have any problems, which leaves Shamita thinking hard. The two talk about her being so 'cribbity-crabbity'. Shamita asks him to 'go out' if he has so many problems.

The actress sits with Neha in silence. When the singer asks what's on her mind, Shamita speaks about how Raqesh calls her 'critical,' 'cribbing' and how he's scared of her. She calls herself an idiot for saving him by tearing off her mother's letter. Shamita says everything is very awkward since she has been single for a long time. Raqesh comes and sits with them as the two talk. After Neha walks away, Shamita says she doesn't wish to talk to Raqesh. The latter justifies his stand saying he was kidding. On hearing that, Shamita walks away, leaving Raqesh confused.

Neha asks Pratik what he wants from the house. She says that he has always been her weak point on the show. The singer says she is reliant on the actor emotionally.

Pratik walks in on Nishant and Moose talking. The actor says he has no justification for his action. Pratik feels he owes Nishant an explanation and the choreographer says he doesn't. Nishant further points out that he is friends with both Pratik as well as Neha. He recalls how Shamita said that she would rather be eliminated than perform a task, stressing that she doesn't value what she has but he and Moose do and are affected by eliminations.

Neha asks Raqesh to keep a point of view. He says that he can't while again stressing that he doesn't have a problem with being eliminated. Nishant consoles Raqesh, who is emotional over his matter with Shamita.

Bigg Boss announces that Nishant is saved thanks to the viewers. Moose, Neha and Pratik are extremely excited on hearing this decision. Moose gives him a hug. Thus, now Divya Agarwal, Millind Gaba and Akshara Singh are nominated for eliminations this week. Neha gives Nishant a hug while Pratik stands at a distance.

Moose sings K3G's title song as Raqesh offers Nishant food. It is the Tum Bin actor's birthday and the trio were celebrating that. When Nishant asks Raqesh about his bad mood, the actor says he is tired of connecting with people. Moose says that she is going through the same issue with Nishant. Moose, Raqesh and Nishant get into a group hug when she jokes about breaking her connection and being with the actor.

Bigg Boss gives the contestants a task for boss man and boss lady. These contestants have to be a human clock. Each contestant has to stay in the task for 33 minutes.

Millind and Akshara go first. Pratik tries to distract her. Raqesh, on the other hand, distracts Millind. Nishant says Karan came in his dreams and he misses Millind. Pratik and Neha twerk in front of the Punjabi singer. Akshara pulled Pratik's cheeks when he tried to distract them. Millind ends the task with a hug for Akshara.

Nishant and Moose go next. Moose sits on the clock, as opposed to Millind. When Neha asks Shamita to eat something, the actress says her mind is upset, which is affecting her body. Neha asks her not to upset her heart. The singer compliments Nishant's butt while trying to distract him.

Shamita and Raqesh go next. The latter does not lie down like the previous two contestants. Neha starts making seductive noises, making everyone including Raqesh and Shamita laugh.

Moose is seen dancing when Pratik and Neha are asked to perform the task. Neha lay down as a human clock when everybody distracted her. The task ended with Pratik and Neha giving each other a hug.

Bigg Boss announces Pratik-Neha took over 45 minutes, while Shamita-Raqesh were in the task for over 36 minutes. Millind-Akshara took more than 35 minutes while Nishant-Moose took 34.45 minutes. Thus, the last jodi became the winner of the task. They are thus nominated for captaincy. To celebrate, Nishant and Moose sleep and take a roll on the clock.

Bigg Boss announces the report card and the viewers are happy today. Raqesh and Shamita are then seen talking to one another. He is not sure about how to deal with her, mainly because he is misunderstood. Raqesh says he doesn't care about the show anymore, especially after Shamita kept on informing him that she tore the letter. The actor says he is really hurt and feels he's the wrong connection for her. Shamita asks Raqesh where she controls him. The actor says she controlled who he talks to. Shamita then says that she started talking to Nishant only because of Raqesh or she wouldn't have done it. Shamita has a fight and asks Raqesh if she doesn't get hurt. She almost breaks into tears while telling him that she hasn't played games with him or even generally since the first day. Shamita further says she went into self-preservation mode to protect herself since she has been hurt by the men she had been in a relationship with. The actress further tells him that they will not perform their task together anymore since she is equally uninterested in the game anymore. Calling herself a 'monster' and how her image has been built, Shamita tries to walk out when Raqesh talks about his disappointment. Upset after their discussion, Shamita throws her mic and walks away.

Raqesh talks to Nishant about the big fight without revealing the details. The choreographer asks him to let go of a few things. Shamita, on the other hand, cries in the washroom. On hearing her, Neha goes to talk to her. The actress spills details about their fight and calls them 'serious trust issues'.

Pratik fights with Akshara for linking his name to Neha. Having no wish to argue, the Bhojpuri actress calls Neha right and herself wrong. Akshara tells Nishant and Moose about what Pratik did. The influencer says that Neha can't always be right. Pratik comes in the middle of the conversation and says that Neha will come and clear things up. Akshara refuses to talk to her and when Neha walks in, the actress says that she thought the singer was a human till a day back. The two get into a loud argument. Akshara asks Neha to leave and the two get into a loud argument again. Eventually, Pratik and Neha walk out. The singer says that if proven wrong, she will go to Akshara's house and apologize to the actress.

Nishant asks Moose to stop talking to Pratik. She instantly agrees to it and says that the actor is getting insecure because of his connection with Neha.

The singer asks Shamita about her health. The actress says that she will be blamed for making Raqesh sad if she tries to mend things with him. Neha recommends her to wake up fresh and then make a decision.

Meanwhile, Nishant, Raqesh and Moose discuss jumping in the swimming pool. Raqesh refuses to do so saying the water is cold. Nishant goes to test the water. Soon after, Moose jumps into the pool and Nishant joins him after. Raqesh ends up calling them mad.

Akshara talks to Millind about the Pratik-Neha incident. He asks her not to get affected, while the actress says it was important to react to the issue. The episode ends on that note.

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