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Bigg Boss OTT September 11 2021 written update: Neha says Shamita-Raqesh 'found love in a hopeless place'

By the end of the episode, Nishant Bhat and Pratik Sehajpal ended up bullying Neha Bhasin.

Shaheen Irani
Sep 11, 2021
cover image

Shamita Shetty, Neha Bhasin on Bigg Boss OTT.

Day 34 in the Bigg Boss OTT house begins with the song Deva Shree Ganesha, hinting at the upcoming surprise. Divya Agarwal brings her energetic mode on thanks to the song. Nishant Bhat also teaches Shamita Shetty some dance steps, while Raqesh Bapat prays to Bappa.

Neha Bhasin talks to Nishant about her problem with Raqesh. The singer says that she gets partial because of her soft spot for the actor. Nishant then tells Neha that he fights with Raqesh a lot outside the house. The singer then talks about Raqesh-Shamita topic and says that because of the Tum Bin actor's confusion about Divya, both of them are getting affected. She ends up saying they 'found love in a hopeless place'. Nishant is then seen talking to Divya. The latter talks about her discussion with Shamita last night.

Shamita, on the other hand, complains that Raqesh didn't return her eyeliner. Pratik Sehajpal teases her in front of Neha. Responding to that, Shamita says that she wasn't in love with Raqesh but 'liked him'. She and Neha started complaining about Raqesh together.

Nishant is seen talking to Moose, explaining how he asked Pratik to sort out his issues with the influencer and about how 'didi' Neha came in between the conversation. While Moose walks to the kitchen, Pratik chills with Neha in the garden area. The singer tells Pratik that Moose likes him. The latter cribs about Pratik to the cameras.

Raqesh brings Ganpati home with Divya. They place it in the garden area and then take him inside. Shamita does the rituals before Ganesha enters the house. All the contestants perform the Ganesh aarti before continuing with the day.

Moose re-reads the letter from her family and gets emotional. Seeing her, Shamita ends up giving the 20-year-old a hug. The actress says that Pratik is very fond of Moose. Shamita advises her to talk to Pratik. Soon, Moose gets back to being her happy self.

Shamita then talks to Pratik about Moose. The actor says that he genuinely loves Moose but she can be very hurtful at times. Neha, lying next to Pratik, says that they need to draw a line in their friendship. Pratik walks out of there instantly and picks up Moose from the bed, where she was lying next to Nishant. Pratik gives Moose a hug, making Nishant also laugh.

For their next task, the contestants have to name foods from Maharashtra, Sikkim and Tamil Nadu in the next task. Team Raqesh, Pratik and Neha win against team Nishant, Moose and Divya. Pratik and Nishant try to keep the environment light with their teasing. Bigg Boss sent Modak on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi. Every contestant got a bag for himself/herself.

Neha asks Shamita about her equation with Raqesh currently and the actress explains about it in detail. Meanwhile, Pratik and Moose discuss their issue. She asks Pratik why she wasn't in his top 5 list. He apologizes for that and they hug it out.

The contestants have to play a task like 'Dog and the bone' for the luxury task. Pratik, Nishant and Moose are one team while Divya, Raqesh and Shamita are the other.

Nishant teases Neha, calling her a 'bad sanchalak'. Divya and Moose go first. The former wins the round. Shamita and Pratik go next. The latter kicks the bone. Shamita takes the bone from his zone and walks out. This causes an argument and confusion once again.

When Neha gives an option between giving the point to Pratik (because Shamita didn't tap him before he crossed the line) or replaying the round, Pratik asks for a rematch for both the rounds. When Neha refuses to do so, he asks her to give the point to Shamita. Pratik gets the point for the round nonetheless.

As a surprise, Neha calls for a dual match. Shamita-Raqesh and Pratik-Nishant come together in the next round. Shamita kicks the bone. Nishant takes it back and runs away. Raqesh and Nishant argue over who tapped who first. Pratik argues with Neha. Shamita tries to explain the singer too but gets exhausted. Finally, Team Raqesh wins the task. They get their hamper and with it, coffee and healthy snacks.

When Neha walks towards Pratik, he asks her to stay away for some time. The actor tells Shamita he's upset because he wants to be heard. Divya asks Moose and Nishant when did Shamita and Pratik become friends and Moose says it's been a long time.

When Pratik and Neha argue, Moose mimics Pratik. Neha tries to be good to Pratik but he calls her mad. She walks away stating she is mad.

The report card is here and the audiences are happy with the contestants. Meanwhile, Neha talks to Nishant about Pratik and states that she's not even angry with her former connection. Nishant ends up laughing and then says that she should let him be.

After a long time, Pratik ends up talking to Neha, offering her pancakes. He asks her not to take him for granted, stating that people dislike him. Neha asks him to lose her as a friend, leaving Pratik wondering. After a while, Pratik and Nishant bully Neha right after she pushes the choreographer in fun.

Divya tells Raqesh that she would ignore him since he always looked down upon her in the middle of tasks. He laughs and then says that he gets confused when someone screams. As Raqesh mentions Pratik, Divya brings up the topic of how Shamita feels Raqesh has a soft corner for Divya. Raqesh says that Shamita isn't understanding what he's trying to tell her and he just cannot understand how to explain that to her. Raqesh says that Divya and Shamita can never be friends, to which Divya says they will, if he is out of the picture. Raqesh feels Shamita is 'agitated' that he talks to someone she doesn't like.

Nishant and Pratik try to bully Neha again but Shamita saves her this time. Neha runs to Divya, who shoos Nishant and Pratik away. While Moose is fast asleep, Divya and Shamita shoo Nishant and Pratik to save Neha. The bedroom fun continues but the episode comes to an end.

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